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CBR1000 F How many k's will they go?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by V8cressida, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Howdy. I am looking at getting an extra bike to get to and from work on (about 550km a week).

    In my area is a 1998 CBR1000 f with a tad over 100,000 kays on it, good nick, few small scratches for under $2000. Considering what less travelled bikes go for $$$, I am wondering if it would be worth the punt.

    Do they keep on keeping on or are they pretty much stuffed at this point ? I figure if I had to spend a grand on it I would still be in front. It won't be thrashed cos thats what the gixxer is for. But lets face it I'm not a good enough rider to come close to thrashing it anyway :p

    Wadda ya reckon
  2. Top end may need a going-over. Do you know the service history?

  3. If its been properly serviced the motor will easily see 200.

  4. Not sure on the service history.

  5. I'd do it anyway. Pretty bulletproof bike.
  6. Ok there has been an error!!!!! . Its not a 98 its an 87!! just got the seller to send me some pix. Was advertised as 98. :!:
  7. Gotta admit, I did wonder! Well that's even lower kays then :)
  8. I don't know heaps about them but i do know they have some issues with cam chains. I think they cost a bit in terms of labour to replace because the chain is between the number 2 and 3 cylinders. But i could be wrong, i think there was a write up fairly recently on bikepoint.com.au :cool:
  9. No, you're correct. To the OP, when you inspect it, make sure that the engine is cold before he starts it up. I'd even suggest that you'd tell the guy that. It's the only way that you'll find out of the cam chain tensioner needs replacing. It gets quieter as it warms up, but it's quite noticeable when it's cold.

    It's no big deal to fix and later models had a fix put out for it by Honda but the early ones and the original, which this is, clearly had the problem.

    It won't wreck the engine but it won't do it any good, either.

    Anyway, $2k for 21yo bike sounds like an awful lot. What else is around for that price?
  10. if the camchain has no rattles, i wouldnt hesitate.
    the 87 is a big heavy bike, but somehow, when you are riding it, they feel absolutely lovely (for touring applications of course) with ample horses and ridiculous linear acceleration for its vintage. if you take her out in the twisties, watch the centrestand, it'll get you ;)
    the 87 is also one of the only ones to have a fuel pump. these can be cactus by 100k km, but they do run just fine (all the way up to low-mid $2.00) with it simply removed.
    the engine itself is a ripper, for it's day. the really do go forever.
    i paid $2.6k for mine 6 or so years ago, and it ha 80k km on the clock. currently is sitting just below 100k, and is still as smooth and tight as it was the day i got it.
    there is very little in the way of plastics available these days, should you be unfortunate enough to have a bingle, but the positive side to that is that ebaying the fairings would most certainly recoup your outlay if you were to decide it isnt the bike for you.
    if a golden oldie bucket to get you from A-B is what you are after, go for it. but as mjt57 says, haggle the price a little. $1800 would be ok, $1500 would be a steal.
    let us know how you go.
  11. i met a courier with a 93 CBR600 F with an original 250,000 kms.

    go for it.

  12. Funny you should mention the 600 for I have given up the idea (once I found out it wasn't a 99) on the 87 cbr 1000f.

    Dugg a bit deeper into my pocket and am going to look at a 96 CBR600F this week. The owner reckons its in mint nick. $4000. With 70k on the clock.
  13. yeh he told me he picked it up for 2800 or something...

    4k seems a tad steep?