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Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by blaringmike, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. Hi new member here,

    Just out of curiosity is CBR (Honda) an acronym for anything or is it just a model name?

  2. Cry Baby R@@ted!

    Now bugger off and do a propper introduction.
  3. C#ck & ball ring
  4. :rofl: Welcome to the friendly forums!

    Stop by the welcome lounge and say g'day. No idea about the acronyms or abbreviations Honda use. I always thought RR meant road/race but who knows...
  5. I always thought RR was Race Replica.
  6. I thought RR was part of the whole pirate thing those bikes have...


    and yes, welcome :LOL:
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  8. cosmic background radiation

    Computer-Based Reference

    Constant Bit Rate

    case-based reasoning

    Did a search in google, thats what I found, sorry :(
  9. It's always been a bit of a mistery, however the most likely reason is that the model is a C model (as in the early C100 model).
    We do know that all the B series have in-line engines, so that's probably just that - a product code. The R stands for 'Race' (in that these bikes were race replica versions).

    There are lots of other theories, but the only other feasible one is that it was taken from the Cub, but Cub was not a good english name for a bike so they dropped the 'u'. The R is definetely 'race'.
  10. you all nuts...every one knows...CBR= Chemical, Biological, Radiation Warfare CBC told me all about it on LJ....shesh
  11. Can't Be Revealed ;)
  12. ^Can't Bloody Remember...
  13. I've always thought of CB meaning "City Bike" - with the "City" part pronounced like in "City Wok" on South Park :p :LOL:.
  14. certified bogan racer?
    coolest bike 'round
    crazy blokes ride
  15. G'day everyone,.....

    Thats my bike alright!!
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Dr Who?
  16. http://www.namedevelopment.com/articles/motorcycle_names.html
  17. Caroline's Been Researching
  18. So in the case of a CBR600RR, it's a replica of a city bike, with a race replica 600cc engine?

    ...doesn't sound to sure of itself :p maybe time to buy a yammi...
  19. Although the previous responses were more fun and creative, I thought I might try to be useful for a change :wink:

    Us pirates are a little confused of our heritage, OKAY?! Not that I'm on a 600 yet :-w

    I can understand RR being a city bike replicating a real race bike, but the R is replicating... a city bike?? Bit strange.

    Like Yammy's means much more? :p
  20. Crap Bike Riders :bolt: