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CBR self - maintainance

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by DUK35, Dec 28, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys - I got a friends' non running CBR to work on.

    by the looks of it - it might need an oil change, oil filter change, spark plug check, battery check and some fresh unleaded fuel for the tank.

    Can anyone give me a few pointers on this?

    What oil should I use? spark plugs to get?, Battery to get? etc.

    This is a first time in a garage by myself working on a CBR so I haven't little to no experience in fixing bikes. but it's project I'm working on - and I'll be nice to see that CBR250 start up hehehe.
  2. The manual for the CBR will specify what type of spark plugs and battery to use. If you don't have the manual already there are electronic copies on the Net (might even be in the stickied manuals thread).

    As for oil the manual will give you a guide of what weight oil to use, but apart from that any bike specific 4-stroke oil will do the trick. The subject of what oil to use is a highly contested one with lots of people telling you different things.

    You might also want to check out the state of the air filter, it might need replacing if it is particularly dirty. Also since the bike has probably been sitting awhile, rip off the carbs and clean out the float bowls and jet passages with carby cleaner, it will do a world of good.

    The best thing you can do is get your hands on the service manual for the bike, it will guide you through everything you would want to do yourself.
  3. i have a cbr250rr service manual that might help.
    download it off users.on.net/~kransky.dan just chuck that into ur browser and you'll see it there.
    hope it helps.
    Also has the zzr 250 there too.
  4. thanks guys!!!

    one question - how do i go abouts gettng a carb cleaner?

    I'm d/l the manual noow :)
  5. U can get carb cleaner in a can from leading motorcycles stores and mechanics
  6. For all the experts out there, just wondering on a scale of 1-5 how hard is it to do:

    Oil / Oil filter change

    Air filter

    Spark plugs


    Brake pads

    Brake fluid


    edit: this would be for a cbr250rr.
  7. I've ask my friendly motorbike shop and they sed you can't replace sparkplugs yourself - how true is that? why do I have a feeling I've seen people do it theselves b4?
  8. i seen a DIY instruction with pictures for a spark plug change... it is not easy.. looks like maybe 2hr job.. JUST FOR SPARKIES! :shock:
  9. The mechanic that says you can't change spark plugs by yourself is (mostly) full of it.

    You *can* change them yourself, but you may need a special tool (eg. an extra, extra long spark plug socket). I remember doing a CBR250 over 5 years ago (so I could be wrong) and from memory the two plugs either end are pretty easy.. it's the middle two plugs that are tough to get to. If you have the correct tools, it shouldn't be a problem.

    Regarding the rest of it, it's great your getting in and having a go, but I'd want a bit more info about the bike/engine before I wasted money on new plugs/oil/filter/etc. Why isn't it running? The plugs and new fuel may get it going again, but if they don't.. what next?