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cbr rr250 wont start

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by traveller, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Hi Everyone
    I have a honda CBR RR250 and i havent ridden it in 2 weeks tried to start it today after charging battery and even push starting it but it STILL wont start.
    Wondering if anyone can help me in how to change the spark plugs and where are they located? how to get to the plugs?and what plugs to use and how many do they take?? Im new to all this but willing to give it ago.
    What tools are required as if its just the basics needed i wont have to call on a mechanic unless it urgent.
    Thank for any help to you all.
    Cheers Travellar:grin:

    Whoever does the hard yards, the hard miles, impervious to the pain felt by ordinary men and women, reap the rewards.

  2. Sounds like foulled plugs (dirty plug with browny/black residue on the "sparking tip" of the plug). Your first step to find the plugs on the bike are to take the fairings off!
  3. Do yourself a favor and start by getting the manual for your bike - there's usually PDFs of these things floating around, though printed manuals are easier.

    And how do you know its the plugs anyway?
  4. cbr rr 250 wont start

    i t know if it is the plugs but i thoght i could start with the basics and if that doesnt work then to take it from there so if you know how to chsnge them on a 250 cbr rr that would be great all help more than appreciate gang
  5. Search google for "CBR250RR Spark Plug Changing Guide" :]

    +1 for getting the manual though, even if it's just to sit outside with your bike to take bits apart and see how everything fits together (hence paper > pdf, even in this digital world)