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cbr rr 250 problem

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by traveller, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Hi All

    Having a problem with my cbr rr 250. It hasnt been started for 2 weeks but when i started it it starts but it sounds like a whipper snipper and not much power. What could be the problem as it was starting and sounding fine before. I havent ridden it to try an blow it through as im worried i might make the problem worse.
    It starts fine but low in power like its running on half an engine. the battery is full and the plugs were changed 2 months ago
    Any help is appreciated and keep in mind my mechanical skill end with changing the plugs.
    Cheers for all help and replies.

  2. Just a long shot, but if sounds like a whipper snipper, may be, just may be, at least one of your spark plug "cables" is loose on the either end, test by remove and reinstall them one at a time while the engine is running, and see if it idles better, after removing/reinserting any one of those cables, see if there's spark on all of them, hope this might solve the problem.
  3. Thanks WobblyDoinkBoink

    I will give that a try and see what happens. I hope that all its is.
  4. Cables, or the ignition coil packs. If the CBR is like other 4-cylinder 250s there's one coil to two-cylinders - so if one has failed you will be quite literally running on half an engine. Of course if a lead is faulty you usually have to replace the coil pack as well as unlike cars they're usually the one component on a bike (and a lot more expensive).

    Easier way to check which cylinders are firing is simply to feel the heat in each of the exhaust pipes. You don't need to run an engine long for these to get above ambient if the plug is actually firing.
  5. Atleast Chef understands...

    i was just trying to learn.
  6. dunno why..... exclude my previous comment. i clicked reply on another thread and it replyed to this.... I HAVE NO IDEA WHY!
  7. can't be done on the '22, fuel tank and airbox need to come off to pull plugs

    nah coils and leads are separate.

    OP i found mine sounded like crap after sitting for a while too (though mine sat for near 3 months and was started and idled every weekend), fixed by simply running it 2000rpm sitting in my shed and 2 short runs around the block