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CBR newb!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by VS0P, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Hi everyone, i stubled onto netrider whilst searching for some info on my bike. had a read through the links and the forums, you all seem like a friendly bunch so i decided to join and introduce myself!.

    I have been on my L's for about 2 weeks now and have been on the roads for just one week. Im learning to ride on a cbr250rr.
    Since i have started riding I have noticed other riders everywhere!
    Almost every road has a another bike on it.

    Got a couple nods from other riders too which i thought was weird at first but then i started nodding them back? hahah

    So far my riding has been going good, nothing too serious to tell you all about. I look forward to riding with you all once i get some more practice.

    cheers, chris.
  2. which part of sydney are u from mate? i'm just starting out and have the same bike, went out on a cruise with a mate today and it was awesome fun - really hard to stay under the speed limit with the cibby though :p

    you should come and cruise with us, we're all starting out so it'll be good learning (safety in numbers as they say)
  3. Welcome Aboard Chris!
  4. That looks scarily like the same car park I practiced my turns in before going for my Ls :)
  5. Im from liverpool/cabramatta area. Let me know when you guys will be out again and ill join in.

    That pic was taken at Auburn Reading Cinemas
  6. Log on to CBR250.com ^_^
  7. Great site dedicated to the CBR definately worth a look.

    Welcome to NR. There's heaps of info here for new riders and some of the guys on here really know their stuff.

    And as a bonus you picked the best learners bike going around :grin:
  8. If you feel like an easy ride through the National Park sometime (I learned more in 2 weeks there than I did in 6 months of road riding), PM me; I'm always there :cool:

    *snort* :LOL:
  9. Have you crossed the double lines on the string of 25km/h corners yet? I did national park on my CBR 2 weeks after I got my L's lol. Love that place.
  10. hmmm natio on two wheels aye....very tempting
  11. Great bike you've got there, Chris! I started on the same :wink:
    Congrats and welcome :grin:
  12. Nah. I stick to my lane, because betting on the bike in car vs bike tends to lose money. I'm a bit bored of it now, but then I have ridden 4500-5000km through it in the last month :p
  13. Nah I meant by accident because you oversped into it. A guy I was following did and lucky I stuck to my 7/10ths rule...where by you only ride to 70% of how hard you can go that way you got leeway if you f*ck up.

    lol that means you go every night. If only I lived closer I would do it every night too.
  14. Hey man i have the same bike and tri colour too!

    Great bike to learn on i figure and i love the very loud colour scheme.

    Got my L's about a month ago but have been riding dirt bikes since i was a youngin... still... cornering on a road bike is more challenging than i thought.
  15. welcome mate and well done on getting the CBR! top bike, love mine to bits.

    defo give cbr250.com a click, will learn heaps! and a good bunch of peeps to.

    Natio is defo good fun, if yous are ever up for it, i live 5min away, give us a yell!
  16. Welcome, I cbr's are great bikes to learn on for cornerings and a few oter things but as for slow riding it can b a pain but u'll learn pretty quickly how it handles.

    Ever Since I got my bike I loved so much.
  17. Yeah your right! I find u-turns and slow corners tricky. I love my bike but I hate turning with it haha

    Just got back from a ride tonight and damn its cold these days. Gave 1st and 2nd gear a good thrashing tonight :grin: I think im ready for a crusie to natio.

    I have some questions on servicing and tyre brands i would like you cbr boys to answer, but ill post that in the right section.

    That cbr website is awesome :)
  18. I did yesterday, actually - not oversped, but I wasn't really paying attention and drifted on to the centreline while leaned over a lot, hit a few cat's eyes and puckered up fcuking hard as the front end almost slid out entirely from underneath me, went wider into the other lane, then finally got it all back together and went on my way with a bit of a 'hohoho fark :oops: '

    I live in the inner-west, but I'm not working this year so I have 3 spare days during the week to go for a blat when there are fewer muppets in the Park.

    If you want the best, you'll want Dunlop GPR Alpha-10s. As far as I know, they're the stickiest tyres available for CBRs and ZXRs.
  19. I was going to say; I've never understood riders who straighten out corners by crossing into the oncoming lane. Y'ride all that way just to get to the exciting twisties, and then... go straight instead? :-s

    Keeping a safety net is a real good idea. *nod* :)