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CBR girl where are you?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tengu, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. Today was more amusing than most... starting with the threat of storms in Brisbane
    Start at the doctor's for drugs to clear up this bloody tenacious chest cough... :cry:
    Ride into town to give a work presentation (yeah like that is soo much fun!)
    Thing is that the clutch feels a bit different, took me a while but with the clutch lever pulled in the bike was still just creeping forward, meaning the clutch isnt disengaging properly.. damn it! :shock:

    Get to work do the deal and head back to my normal office out in Capalaba
    Clutch still feels soft but isnt getting worse, think about dropping into a local bike shop but no I have to get back to the office - damned work ethic!

    Get on the bike to go home and I'll be buggered if the clutch doesnt engage at all
    Manage to roll start into gear and get all the way to the round about where Mt Cotton Rd meets Mt Gravatt Capalaba Rd...
    The roundabout is a killer, I have to stop and the engine stalls. Cant get it going again because its a little uphill.

    Off the bike and begin to push all 260 kgs of FJ1200 - yeah just the way I want to spend my journey home!
    There is a servo about 500 yards down the road so I think I will just have to stop and see if I can fix it...

    Now here it gets interesting and where I realise I have officially lost my man brains - I blame it on the flu I got!

    Im pushin' along and a little blue hatchback pulls over about 20 metres ahead
    A cute looking redhead gets out and starts walking. I assume she is heading for the house gate nearby and get a shock when she walks towards me! and then stops next to me... :eek:

    First: she asks me if everything is ok. :cheers
    Second: she tells me she rides a CBR :double cheers
    I tell you what - I was seriously impressed

    Me huffin and puffin like a mofo (yeah the bike's heavy and yeah maybe I am unfit to!) Say "hey thanks anyway but Im good blah blah blah"
    I didnt even have the presence of mind or the simple courtesy to ask the girl what her name was! And dont I feel the moron - was kicking myself all the way home!
    At least I managed to say thank you!

    I said goodbye, pushed on to the servo, pulled apart the clutch lever.
    Seems there was something like a ball bearing that is supposed to be between the lever pin and the plunger at the base of the reservoir (hydraulic clutch)
    I just dont know where the ball bearing went!?!?! :?:
    So after some choice cursing I finally found a little pebble just the right size, and it worked a treat.
    Enough to get me home at least :fingers1: And it goes into the shop tomorrow to get steel braided brake lines fitted so I will ask them to see what they can do

    So a glorious day all round full of blunders.

    I have the s.h.i.t.'s with Pro Yamaha since the bike only had a full service 2000kms ago and there's a lotta little things that just dont seem right...

    And CBR girl... if you're out there... Id like to say thanks... maybe over a cup of coffee - that little effort and courtesy made my day.
  2. aww shucks, ain't life grand, just when you feel your worst someone comes along and makes you feel better :)?

    (nice road-side repair, too, buddy, they must make some resilient rocks up there!)
  3. Oh no Browny MK II
  4. motolegion... what does that mean?
  5. do a search 'random girl'
  6. A cute redhead who rides a bike..... I would have asked her to marry me!
  7. I had one of those -- trust me its over rated
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  10. Good luck Brudda!!!!

    I suggest next week pushing your bike at the same place at the same time again... who knows... :D

  11. Definately Brownyy Mark 2, Hahahahaha
  12. Am I the only one that saw the thread title and automatically thought this was another thread by brownyy?
  13. No Bro -- I thought EXACTLY the same thing
  14. why is the other thread not by browny? did he have a different name before on here? :-s
  15. brownyy, I thought about it, but thats getting to the point of a being a bit strange in the head!
  16. Tengu, you don't know Brownyy!!
  17. never!! :-s

    What? CAN'T HEAR YOU!!! [-(

  18. lol!!!