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CBR F 600 1994

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by GJCCBR600F, May 8, 2007.

  1. Hey Fellas,

    Wondering if anyone can help me... I got a 600f 94 model and im wanting to turn the trip meter back, does anyone know where the cord/wire thing is???

  2. Is it not attached to the speedo??
  3. You want to wind back the trip meter or the odometer???? :?
  4. yes tweet i want to wind it back.

    And yes logically its connected to the speedo but im wondering if i can find it with out trace it back.
  5. I don't think you'll get much help! :LOL:
  6. why yes, i could tell you exactly where it is, and how to do it. but i am much more loyal to the poor bastard that buys it after you to tell you how.
  7. First post is asking how to wind back the odometer... I smell fresh troll.
  8. there are four cables going into your engine cut the one on the left hand side.

    Theen pour some hydrochlric acid (to break the seal) down the whole pull out the rest of the cable

    Pull out the white pointy looking nut/thing u will need a 14 mill socket

    Then get a long drill bit and drill the center from where u pulled out the big nut.
    Make sure u set ur drill to forward as the speedo gears on the bike go the other way ur speedo will wind back
  9. you, sir, are a fool. perhaps go to www.netidiot.com

    This is not what its about here. were all part of a family and you doing this will directly effect a rider in the future.

    Perhaps if you continue to post, write something more sensible...

    You are the weakest link, GOODBYE.
  10. You shouldn't need to mess with cables for it mate. If you have an analog odometer, the trip meter usually has either a small dial near it that you can turn to reset it. If its a digital system, it will be a combination of the digital buttons. For instance, on my XV1600 you only have 2 buttons - one cycles between the odometer and the 2 trip meters, the other, when held for 2 seconds, clears the trip meter being displayed. (on the odometer view, it puts the clock into reset mode). Yours will doubtlessly be similar.

    Give your local dealer (Honda?) a call or look in your manual - it will be included.

  11. Oh, I just realised... maybe you are just trying to set the trip meter back, not the odometer... :shock: :oops:
    If that is the case, sorry, my bad... Hope you find the info youre looking for.

    If you are turning the KM's back, to reduce mileage, i take back my apology. Enjoy netrider, and perhaps introduce yourself in the welcome lounge, so we can get to know you a bit better....

    Cheers, hope I didnt get off on the wrong foot...

    (could have edited the post, but I live without regret!! Ha ha! guess my traffic record proves that one)