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CBR Cam Chain Tensioner paranoia...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by d3s1b0y, Sep 27, 2005.

  1. Hello all,

    I've recently bought an 02 F4i with only 4,600km's on the clock. Maybe i'm being ultra paranoid and hearing about these CCT problems, i'm convinced i'm hearing a 'sound' @ 5,000rpm but just wondering if anyone else has come across this problem and this early in the bike???

    If Honda is definitely aware of this CCT problem, then why hasn't there been a recall on this item, cuz my bike's warranty ran out in May this year. Does this mean I will have to foot the bill for the job myself (IF there really is a problem).

    Anyway, i had a look at cbrforum tutorials but they're for a 2000 CBR600F4 and i'm pretty sure there are some differences in the procedure for 02 model?

    Any light on this matter, especially from people with past experiences would be greatly appreciated. Lastly, if i do go ahead and get it fixed, how long before it rears its ugly head again?


  2. Lots of bikes stuff the auto cam chain tensioner, so it is possible.

    The general remedy is to replace it with a manual cam chain tension. Much more reliable.

    I'm not sure if your bike suffers this problem and how it manifests itself.

    On mine it rattles at low revs then goes away at higher revs.

    I'm actuallt changing mine this weekend ($75). It's not that hard a job. I may have to pull the carbies off to get to it, but the tensioners itself is only 2 bolts. Then you just remove the old mechanism and bolt in the new one.

    Then you adjust by ear.
  3. thanks ibast. that's what i was hearing was a 'sound' at 5,000rpm which would go away at higher revs.

    took it to my mechanic who assures me the sounds i'm hearing are normal and the bike's just running-in yet and the sounds ought to go away after the next oil change. so for now i'll just convince myself i hear nuffink! :?

    Lookin at the tutorial online, it doesn't seem all that difficult and if it continues to bug me, i may end up changing it. Just curious which one you'd go for - the APE manual tensioner?

    Thanks again for the reply.

  4. ape - yep.

    I too doubt it would be the cct at 5000 k's. the earlier you would expect that sort of thing would be 15000. Even then that would be unusual. But every bike is different.
  5. Heya d3s1b0y

    I had a crazy "rattle" when I got mine and too thought it was the cam chain tensioner.. I had it booked in for a full major service, and the mechanic said it was just the front fairing piece (near the intake) that was a bit loose.. so what he did was wedge it tighter or something to that effect!...when putting it back together.. and now the sound is noticeably gone. I'm guessing it might have been a screw/washer/bolt that had worked itself a bit loose or something. And yes it only really reared itself at about 5000rpm. I had asked him whether it could be the CCT and he said it wasn't.
  6. Hmm.. now that is a good possibility. Will definitely have to have a look into that as my first major service @ 6k is coming up. Will get the mechanic to have a look into it.

    Thanks for that though, it's definitely been eating up my sleep time! :evil: