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Cbr 954rr 03mdl

Discussion in 'Archived' started by GMAN, Jan 23, 2012.

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  1. Cbr 954rr 03mdl MAKE AN OFFER!

    :arrow:2003 Modle Fireblade 954RR
    Double bubble tinted screen
    Seat cowl
    Clear indicators
    Micron pipe
    Polished rims
    Rego till October
    One owner, hardly ridden in the past 6 years.


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  2. thats a nice lookin bike GMAN
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  3. A mate has one of these, same scheme even.
    Such a top machine, light, nimble, comfortable almost upright position, has awesome breaks, and it bloody pulls like a train!
    Better than any of the under seat pipe blades imo.

    Good luck with the sale, yours appears to be a great example!
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  4. Would you sell the mirror separately?
  5. something_wild, i agree with your statement, a few mates have the 06 blade and claim the 954rr is a better bike, i just thought they were trying to make me feel better, however i agree hehehe, alot of guys these days r stripping the 954rr and makin them a street fighter
  6. must be some netrider out there, that would be interested in the machine?
  7. You'll have to be patient dude, a buyer will come along but give it some time ;)
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  8. *****updated*****
  9. Nice looking bike. Surely having a price would get more people interested even if they did start by low-balling?
  10. thought it was a requirement tbh
  11. You must state a price or your ad will be removed.
  12. RWC can be provided
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.