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CBR 929RR gearbox saga (with lots of pics)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by davey_charlie, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. My third gear is trashed, when engaged it mate this really loud chattering noise.

    I was able to score a complete transmission from ebay US from a bike that had done 6000 miles for $200 delivered.

    It arrived after a week, and the work began.

    started stripping it down

    the rear swingarm is attached to the engine so that had to come off. had to make up a dodgy spanner to get it off as it was a 24mm female socket thread

    some more dodgyness. scaffolding under the subframe to hold it up when the swingarm comes off
  2. Swingarm off, i was able to leave the wheel on to save abit of mucking around

    engine coming out

    engine up on workbench

    took off the sump and found this sitting there, 1 tooth off the third gear dog :eek:

    next pulled out the clutch and went to remove the inner clutch basket. i wedged a big flat head screwdriver in to stop it spinning. BIG mistake, ended up two of thread bits breaking off.


    so i gave up, going to have to find a proper clutch stopper and a new inner basket to continue. ](*,)
  3. Been there. Evil 929 clutch basket removal problems are whisked away with a rattle gun. ;)
  4. haha i didnt even think to use one, i had one sitting on the bench. what did u use to hold the clutch from moving?
  5. Just pop it in gear and use the rattle gun gently. If there is movement, hold the rear brake while you attack the nut.

    I made the same mistake you did and had to go grab myself a new clutch basket from a wrecker ($60~) but the rattle gun solved the problem. Be gentle though. :)

    Edit: Just realised that your engine is out of the bike... mine wasn't... umm...?
  6. um yeah.. cant put it in gear and no rear brake attached haha. i will have to get something to hold the clutch. i herd that oem honda clutch stopper is something stupid like $300
  7. You seem to have awesome improvisation skills, do what my father in law did. Find a pick of one and make it yourself.

    Seriously that scaffholding is so dodgey it's awesome.
  8. cheers mate, im thinking of making a c shaped steel plate and welding an arm on it, drilling holes, and screw it on to the three that arnt broken then taking the impact wrench to it.
    haha the scaffolding is as soild as a rock
  9. Get an old clutch plate for your bike and weld an arm to the steel bits. Instant clutch holding tool.
  10. i ended up jamming the screwdriver in again and taking the rattle gun to it and it came off easily.. if only i did that in the first place i wouldnt have to get a new inner clutch basket!
  11. i got the gear box in and its coming togeather slowly now. went abit crazy with the gasket glue and had to strip all it off and re-do it. probably will finish next week! as suspected 3rd gear is missing a tooth.
    more pics to come.
  12. Good to hear mate. Looking forward to the updates and pics.
  13. I have found that mistakes like these, instill patience and thought before grabbing a makeshift tool the next time round.
    I have broken and stuffed that many parts that I now have the patience of a statue before doing that stuff. hhehe....good work on the rebuild my friend.
  14. dumb question but does it matter what order the spark leads are attached to on an injected bike? the middle two i have no idea which goes to which, cant find any wiring diagrams with wire colors..
  15. Yes it matters there is still timing invovled in firing.... Get a workshop manual and check online or take it out, if it. Feels. Weird change em round!
  16. Have a look closley at the bike, mine has numbers to say which goes where.
  17. Do not try to run it if you are not sure which lead goes where. Mate of mine did and got a close up view of his conrod when it came through the case. The piston was sideways in the bore. I didn't think it was possible either.
  18. thanks all sorted. got them on the right ones.
    good progress today, got it all back togeather, filled up with coolant, just waiting on inner clutch basket and some oil. hopefully it doesnt blow up or fall apart on the first start up! (touches wood)
    i had to use my inner torque wrench, so i hope its up to scratch!
  19. its alive! riding to melbourne tonight.
  20. [​IMG]

    heres the gears with the chipped tooth. bike went very well, gave it a spirited run with abit of one wheel action and it was 100%.

    after doing this, i'd probably pay someone to do it next time though, was a biatch!