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cbr 929/900...how do i tell the difference?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dags260, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. im looking at a 2000 model cbr, somepeople call it a cbr 900 some call it a 929, whats the difference and how do i tell? it is a fireblade if that helps
    thanks for your help

  2. They are talking about the engine size....

    How do you tell the size of the bike? Easy, its written on the side...
  3. Even parts lists for the CBR954 have it listed as a CBR900.
  4. they are two markedly different beasts

    you can tell them apart in many ways

    a) by looking at the engine covers on the right hand side

    the 929 has a one piece clutch and crank case cover.
    the 900 has two separate covers. big round one for clutch and smaller one for crank case.

    my hornet with a 900rr block showing the two separate covers

    a singular replacement cover for a 929
    http://store.58cycle.com/photos/hon clut 929-2T.jpg

    b) 929 has 3 headlight bulbs, 900rr only 2.

    c) 929 is fuel injected and has an ecu. the 900rr is carbed.

    d) 929 has a pointing duck tail with no vents. 900rr has a fatter and more bulgy tail with vents on each side.

    e) the 900 has a swing arm brace. the 929 swingarm is just bigger.

    900rr braced swingy:

    929 swingy: http://www.mcnews.com.au/NewBikeCatalogue/2000/Honda/HondaCBR929images/HondaCBR929Swingarm_600p.jpg
  5. They usually do for the 900, 919, 929 and 954. The CBR1000RR gets lumped in the with the CBR1000F.

    but the 954 was sold as a CBR954RR in Australia, seems the 929 along with teh 919 and 900 were all CBR900RRs while overseas they had thier seperate designations....

    My guess is some sellers might have grey imports or selling it with the overseas designations. But don't quote me on that.
  6. bike seems to have the braced swing arm, but a different duck tail. is it possible i am lookign at a bodgy bike/import or just a bike which is made up of the 2 designs from factory?
  7. They were all caller 900 till the cbr 1000 came out in 04'

    Pre 2000 was a 919 or 918 something like that.]
    In 2000 they went to a 929 motor
    Then in 2002 & 03 it was 954.
    But yeah, the model name was still CBR900.
  8. ..and a SERIOUS set of crash bars. Locally made???
  9. Home made, IIRC...
  10. yeah home fabbed. i'm actually about to build a crash cage for a 929. so i'm pretty familiar with the differences. 929s are an awesome bike.
  11. back to the topic on hand....if thats ok. can anyone tell from an vin or engine number?
    engine SC44E210....
    VIN JH2SC44U91M1...

    i pick the bike up on tuesday and it needs a few parts, dont want to buy the wrong stuff!