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CBR 600f2, aka Goof2...

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by nice2Bnaked, May 5, 2007.

  1. Currently building a CBRf2 ('92/'94).

    A mate bought it from another mate who crashed it for $900 (see before pics)

    It was just going to be a two week project to get the thing on the road so my mate ("cookie") could start doing courier work, after a long break due to losing his liscence.

    We started pulling it apart, and before you know it, it became a full blown project bike.


    So far we have done all the work in his garage. Cookie has only limited knowledge, but is learning more everyday, but for now is my greasemonkey. This is my first proper pulldown/resto project.

    The only other stuff that we've got done professionally was the frame straightening, and the powdercoating (thanks to ADA powdercoating in thomastown for really looking after us!)
    All the other paint was just done using pressure pack cans, 'cos we dont have a compressor, and real bikes are built in the aussie garage...

    Heres how she looked when we picked her up... It had T-boned a van, and had been sitting like this for almost 18 months in the trailer. It did start first time off a bump start though, man these bikes are tough!


    List of mods so far:
    Powdercoating: Frame, Swingarm, top/bottom yoke, rearsets, fork lowers
    Heatproof pressure paint: Engine/headers ect
    Custom blue paint: Tank, rear hugger
    -Customised front guard, ducktail (chopped her down)
    New parts (some still on order): MX bars/adaptors, GP digi dash, Twin streetfighter headlights, Z1000 twin sidepipes, new rubber...

    The theme is the "cookie monster", as my mates nickname is Cookie.

    Got heaps of other minor stuff done/to do, so i'll keep you all posted (pardon d pun)... Heres how she looks now...


    Let me know what you think, and if anyone is in the area (Bundoora) feel free to drop by for a beer or three in the garage.

    We are putting the whole thing into a "stop-go" photo slideshow, so if you want to get into the pics, come past... PM me for details.
  2. good stuff.
    +1 for project bikes
    let us all know how much all the stuff cost as this would really help me out
  3. Thats great.. Should be a bit of a weapon when your done!!
    I wouldnt mind getting a similar project.. :eek:
    Good luck with it guys.. Should be a Beast.. ;)
  4. Talk to N*A*M, he's worked his GooF2 up into a streetfighter stuntbike of doom.
  5. Yeah, talked to him a while ago. he's hooked me up with someone who's selling a crash cage so all our work doesnt get ruined in a crash...

    BTW, what do you reckon of this pipe? Z1000...

  6. Thats a nice pipe. is the spada still being worked on?
  7. The spada is till going, cookies using it (when we get her running) for courier work till we finnish of the goof.

    Heres what we hope the goof2 to look like, but with the new pipe:


    and this is the original before the crash...

  8. Hay what do you plan to do with the front fairings as if you’re not going to use them there may be a few in better shape than my ones...Eg the right side inspection cover on mine is cracked right threw and the lower on the right has a BIG crack that I did a ½ ass job at plastic welding it closed!
  9. Heres the front fairing...


    The inspection cover is A1 ok. The lower, as in belly-pan/sidecover? this is in OK nick, i'll have to ckeck it out... i might be making a belly pan with it though.
  10. Massively old thread that i'm reviving here, but I was wondering if you happened to have any fairings left over, or if you did replace any where did you get them from?

    I'm having a hard time locating a replacement for my front left upper which is cracked.