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CBR 600 Weight Limits

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Anton555, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. Hello all....I have a 2005 CBR 600 RR and I am wondering how much weight I can carry on it?? I weight 100kg and the passenger that I want to put on the back is also 100kg....

    We are actually doing some filming around the city (he will be holding the camera on the back) and we won't be going more than about 40km/h

    Do you think this will be OK for the bike??...200kg??

  2. Does it come with an owners manual?

    It should have the maximum load listed in it somewhere..
  3. no...it didn't come with an owners manual....I have been looking for one online but can't find one
  4. I don't know how correct this is, but I found these for the 05 600RR

    Dry Weight - 163kg
    Kerb Weight - 191kg (F: 99kg; R: 92kg)
    Max. Carrying Capacity - 180kg
    Loaded Weight - 371kg (F: 141kg; R: 230kg)

    It won't actually let me post up the URL.. but type "CBR600RR max pillion weight" into google, and its the 4th result down.

    URL is something like motorbike search engine.co.uk

    Hope it helps.
  5. Might be an idea to check your tyres .. they will list a max load rating.
  6. Cool...thanks for the replies...I just went and had a look and there was a sticker that says no more than 180kg (silly me should have looked earlier)

    so 180kg......I don't think I want to risk an extra 20kg..

    Thanks again for the replies
  7. lol i reckon u will be fine
    whats the worst that can happen
  8. 100kgs each, two big boys (im assuming its guys) on a smallish bike?? Can the two fit?

    Yeah i too think the bike will be fine, but tyre load might be pushing it, even if its slow speeds.
  9. Forget whether it can take it or not (it could, safety margins on consumer products are usually huge), you'd be uninsured. So if something did happen, and the assessor or police were particularly attentive you could be in a spot of bother.
  10. What you need is a small chick with a hot body to do your photos :LOL:
  11. Are you offering kittiminx?

    I may have some photography to do as well! :LOL:
  12. The strange thing here is that my CBR125R claims to be able to carry 180 kg. I don't see how its big brother (or is that sister with bikes?) could fail to carry at least the extra 20 kg.
  13. Thanks for the replies..

    Yeah we can both fit....we sat on the bike yesterday...a bit squashy...but still OK

    I'm not too worried about the police...we are going to do it about 4am on a weekday...if we get pulled over I think that the cops are going to be more worried about the passenger holding a camera...o well...we'll take the risk

    Hmmm..ok so the bike could probably take it???? bit worried about the tyres now (as tim650 said)
  14. interesting point about the CBR125..... you'd think the big sis could carry more..... CBR600 has :p just slightly bigger tyres :wink:

    Maybe Kitti has a point to!
  15. Dont forget 2 helmets camera and gear weigh quite a bit too.
  16. Well there you go - the little cibby doesn't do such a bad job. :)
  17. Wouldn't it be easier just to take the bike around your local area first and see for yourself.
  18. sure if you don't wanna burn out it's shocking clutch and wanna do over 60km/h go ahead and put 180kg on it
  19. Way to enter into the spirit of the conversation.
  20. cbr125 can carry 180kg too??!!! :shock:

    My policy is no ass bigger than mine as a pilion.

    I had to carry about 190kg on a CBR250 once...it didnt like it AT ALL.
    3rd gear at about 10k rpm 60kph from the coles at healsville to middle of the blackspurs. there was an accident and we needed all hands on deck.