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CBR 600 RR '03 (exhaust + sprocket questions)

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Mr.Ed, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. I've found a Scorpion slip on exhaust for my bike for a VERY reasonable price. The Titanium can (they don't have the CF one) is going for $380,00 (not installed). Can anyone tell me if there's any problem/issue with this cans? Or Scorpion for that matter? I've found this picture to help illustrate it:


    I'm also buying a new rear sprocket. I'm trying to get the lightest I can get for a decent price, and no more than +1 tooth as I'm pretty happy with my bike the way she is right now. I've found this one on sale but since I don't know much (actually, anything!!!) about it, I was wondering if anyone can tell me if it's a good product or even a good price. Honestly I don't even know if it has the right number of teeth or not. It does sound dirt cheap to me, though... :p


    Usually I wouldn't bother buying it online, but since I'll be getting some other stuff from this same store I thought I'd get it all in one freight.

    Thanks heaps for any reply!! :) :)
  2. Ok, I've just realized that the standard rear sprocket on my bike is a 43, 51 is totally out of the question!!

    Now, if anyone could explain me the differences between stock, 520 and 525 chains (and why one would better than the other) I would really appreciate! :grin:
  3. im going to assume that that is something to do with the number of links, as thats what we had with go-karting. but if that was the case, 500 would be alot.

    so maybe, once you count all the links, you double the number.
  4. Go the titanium pipe, as carbon fibre exhausts need to be re-packed at sum stage.

    And as for the chain an sprocket 520 will give ya better accelaration but lose alil on the top end and ya also need to get a speedo healer as it throws the speedo right out.

    My 04 600rr goes in tomorrow for a new chain and sproket jus leaving it how it is. Why mess with a good thing if ya ask me :D
  5. :grin: if you want to make a lot of wheelies it's the right solution :grin: :grin: :twisted: the skorpion slip-on exaust was good (skorpion was the old name of akrapovic :twisted: ) and the sprocket with one teeth down that's a good solution... wheelies wheelies wheelieeeees!!!
  6. I have a "Sprocket Specialist" sprockets on the 675. Good quality stuff.

    520, 525, 530, etc. The two numbers after the 5 represent the roller width in points of an inch.

    i.e. A x25 chain (x = whatever number, typically 5 for bikes) means 0.25" roller width. i.e. the bigger the number, the wider (and heavier) the chain.

    The 5 at the front means the link to link distance, in 8ths of an inch, so a 5xx chain is 5/8" (~16mm) from the center of the pin of a link to the enter of the next link pin.