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CBR 600 FX 1999, not starting. new battery, lots of info, suggestions welcome

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by mattizie, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Alright, bike won't start. I'm getting my brother to come down with the tools, and we're going to tinker with it tomorrow, I can't/won't get it to a shop, so I'm going to need to tap into some collective experience. I'll start with all the info/details.
    Bike: Honda CBR 600 FX 1999
    Age: 13 years
    Carby model
    kms: 30k

    Bike has been in 'storage', for about 7 months now, by storage I mean that it has been sitting around, and started up for 5 to 15 mins every month or so. It was warming up, I went inside to get my gear on, when I came out the bike was dead, refused to fire up. New battery, so the starter is working, and the bike is turning over properly, just no ignition. It's been under cover, so no rain or anything for the past month or so.

    I have a limited knowledge of this stuff, I can disassemble and re-assemble stuff, know how it theoretically works. Just the fine points and trouble shooting gets me, mostly electrics.

    I was thinking it was spark plugs, but if that was the problem it wouldn't be all of them at once would it? There was still be some pistons firing.

    I tried push starting it with and without the choke, no dice.

    Battery isn't an issue as it is brand new and hooked up to a trickle charger all the time, plenty of battery power.

    I had the idea of getting some "start ya bastard" and spraying that into the air intake, seeing if ignites, to determine if it is an electrical issue or a fuel issue. Has anyone had any experience with this/is it dangerous to the bike?

    Any ideas on what to do or where to go from there is greatly appreciated.

    Also fuel has been sitting for a while, but there was still a little bit of fuel left in the tank after she died on me, and I filled her up with some fresh stuff so there is plenty of fuel in the tank.

    No previous mechanical problems that I am aware of, fluids/service done 8 months ago by previous owner (he told me he already serviced it/changed all fluids AFTER I paid the cash)

    That's all I can think of atm, if there is anything else that could help let me know.

    Also, anyone looking for a bike, don't get a cbr600, the fairing are a PITA, and you need asian woman hands to do anything cause the clearances are too tight lol :LOL:

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm a student in SWATVAC (study period before exams), and exams are in november, so i've got time to work on it, and will try to keep you posted with pics.

  2. Go with the start ya bastard idea first. Easy to use and no harm.
    If she fires, you know you have spark and air. If she doesn't you don't have spark.

    By the sounds of it, idling away may have used the fuel in the fuel bowls and have sticky needles. Yiou could also try tapping the carb bowls gently a few times to free the needles up. Oh, try reserve if it has one.
  3. thanks, I haven't got my proper tools yet (brother is bringing them from mum's tomorrow), but I went and tapped the carbs and tried starting. Nothing. Also, I HAVE checked the fuses, before anyone says that.
  4. Well I guess I owe it to everyone, anyway:

    Tried the start ya bastard, bastard startup up just fine.
    Was preparing to get to the carbs, took off tank, realised that the plug for my fuel pump was disconnected! >_< Such an idiot.

    Plugged it in, plugged back all the hoses from the fuel tank. Started perfectly.

    Guess I'm lucky it wasn't a carb issue, but damn that was annoying.

    Note to self: listen to hear if fuel pump is turning on next time the bike doesn't start!

    Thanks cazzo anyway