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CBR 600 F3 - dirty carbs/old spark?? yes I'm a n00b

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Lectre, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. hey all,
    After the great advice I've received in my last couple of posts, I thought I might pick your brains 1nce again :)
    My bike only has 37,000 km on the clock, so it's still a bit early to get a full service done... Essentially what I'm concerned about is that when i start my bike up it seems to be missing a beat (maybe missing a cylinder) for the first couple of seconds (maybe 5 sec or so).
    Firstly, is this normal? I use choke to keep the revs higher than the general idle speed until she starts purring by herself, but after I first picked up my bike I've run out of fuel twice (not completely, but I had to switch to reserve, which may have had dirty sediment in it)... I was wondering if it were more likely that one of my carbs (of which I believe the CBR600 has 4?) be clogged, or if it could be one out of the 4 spark plugs (which I consider to be less likely)? When it's warm it goes like a missile (especially considering I'm all of 65kg) and the power is smooth and consistant right up to redline.
    I know with cars you can put the fuel additive in which cleans EFI and carburetors, which is cool; are these able to be used in bikes, and if so what quantity should I use? If it's not suitable for bikes, can anyone recommend a way which would allow me to maybe solve this problem?
    I use BP fuel (I was putting in 98 octane, but reverted back to regular as the chrome around my exhaust started to discolour quicker than normal, hence I figured that it might have been too rich)... Anyone have a suggestion on which fuel supplier is best for bikes?
    I've also turned down my idle from 1300 rpm or so to 1100/1000 rpm because when decelerating it sounded like it was gurgling too much (I have an aftermarket pipe on there), and when I adjusted it down it sounds much smoother. Is this the way to go?
    Thanks again everyone who posts replies... Netrider is just awesome !
    Kind Regards

  2. Yes you can use fuel system cleaners. I like and have used Nulon on my bikes. I don't ask a lot of the engine when I am running a tank with it in though, in case it plays with octane ratings etc.
    My Z used to miss on a cylinder or two when cold, bikes have multiple carbs, and sometimes conditions may not be the same in all cylinders, whether it be a fuel bowl that drained overnight, valves were left open due to cam position or similar.
    The Z, if left for a week or so, could be a bugger to start, it would hit on maybe one cylinder, then teh rest would chime in over a few seconds. The GTR hasn't done this to me yet!

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. my f2 takes a second to sound nice when starting up on a cold morning with full choke. i think it's ok. there's nothing wrong with going into reserve. i run bp ultimate constantly. i don't think you need to do anything with your bike really. sounds pretty ok to me.
  4. Thanks heaps guys!!!
    Again, informative, concise, and very helpful
    I look forward to picking your brains again in the near future d-_-b