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CBR 600 battery drain

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by samagi, Apr 22, 2008.

  1. Hi, my '98 cbr600 drains the battery over the course of about 3 - 5 days of not being ridden. It has a new battery and regulator (which charges the battery nicely once jump-started) and no lights are apparent when ignition is off. If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate your input. Thanx.

  2. There was a similar problem with some of the early 600rr (2003) a web search on those may shed some light.
    It was a fairly simple fix as I recall.
  3. Remove the earth from the battery and place a test bulb in the line to the battery from the disconnected lead, if it glows you have a drain.
    If so remove 1 fuse at a time till the light goes out! when out check to see what is loaded on that fuse, it wll help you trace the power drain down!
    Hope it helps
  4. Thank you Ozzyfzr! Will give it a try - really appreciate your advice - let you know how it goes :grin:
  5. How many different ways can you say "Honda reg/recs suck big time???"

    Get the voltage regulator checked, it's probably only just charging, and needs to be replaced. You can check this yourself, even without a multi-meter; rev the engine and see if the panel lights and the neutral light gets preceptibly brighter. If not, it's a trip to the sparky for you......
  6. paul, its got a new reg/rec, and new battery, its in the OP ;)

    i'd be doing as suggested above, only being handy with electrical work, i'd use a multimeter :p
    it is more than likely a sticking relay somewhere that is keeping a circuit alive after switching off the ign. they do that when they get old :)
  7. :oops:

    back to the old drawing board.

    Unless, of course, the new part is itself faulty, or was not correctly installed.....
  8. Just to update in case someone finds info usefull and to maybe confirm joel's input - WD40 down the ignition switch seems to have solved the problem! Sticking relay it may well have been :roll:

    Thanx again for you input guys. :grin:
  9. :shock: No relays in the ignition barrel...

    Bit of conductive crud shorting out maybe? Isn't WD40 electrically conductive anyway?
  10. Jeez, how good is WD40? I can't think of any starting problem that spraying WD down the ignition would cure apart from the key not turning..

    You've not got a dodgy alarm fitted have you?