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CBR 400 rebuild

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Dylan05, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. After reading Phongus' rebuild thread I thought I'd do one too. It might be a bit briefer than his

    I bought this CBR 400 RR AERO about 18 months ago. its an NC 23 so its the first of the CBR 400RR and quite old especially for parts, gear driven and thats about as much as I know about them.

    Quick bit of history on the bike. I bought it interstate, first mistake. Had the seller bloke film the bike running etc, all good, once it arrived here it was rooted and I think the engine was swapped out and it seized on me. I decided to do a colour change (Matte Black, my first attempt at spray painting with a rattle can) while I was chasing this other phantom engine for 6months or more. I finally kicked the arse out of it and started using it as a paper weight also thought about scrapping/selling it.

    I had posted a thread in classifieds but since that time I've decided to rebuild it. I'm going to get Dennis from Inline Motorcycles (thought I'd use a bloke fellow netriders use) to rebuild it for me and I've sourced another NC 23 engine from Victorian Motorcycle Wreckers.

    If anyone else has one can yopu let me know where you get your parts from, hopefully the build all goes well

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  2. This is its current state

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  3. are you going to race it?
  4. If everything goes ok this year and it runs alright, I'll race it next year. You racing?
  5. yeop, in hartwell.

    gonna get a 400 also, probably a cbr. the long tracks are killing me on my motard.
  6. I'll prob go to preston or hartwell as a member anyway even if I dont race you get some perks with the clubs with track and race practice? I was chatting to a couple of guys and they say the ZX4 is the way to go, got more horsepower.Not sure what parts are like for that
  7. Couldn't help yourself could Dylan :p. It's nice to know I have motivated someone :D.

    You can join both clubs if you really want to race a lot...only an extra $60 or so.

    ZX4 are faster, I think they have standard flat slides and sort of ram air. Pretty quick from what I hear, but remember, it's all about the rider :).

    EDIT: Forgot to mention...love the matte black look :D...now you just need stickers everywhere haha.
  8. The matte is a good look but I have some more little things to spray first. the matte was only the base colour but when I was going to get rid of it I couldn't be arsed finishing, and I have plenty of stickeres to go on it:)

    Righto so today I dropped off the bike to Dennis formerly of inline motorcycle and whilst he pulls the engine and has a look to see if its the rod thats stuffed I'm organising the engine to get dropped off there for sometime next week.
  9. UPDATE:
    Dennis at 'Formally' Inline motorcycles, has already dropped and stripped the engine. seems like its a rod that is damaged and a dodgy job on valves timings plus a crap job of putting it back together by the engine builder caused the problems, good spares engine. I pick up my stock engine tomorrow so at the rate that Dennis works I'll have the bike running again by the end of next week with a good spraes engine.
  10. For your consumable items for your cbr400, look to the uk as they have a reasonable sized market for 400cc and www.400greybike.com is a good site for info. There is a user on the forum GF Racing, his name is Graeme France and he is good source for info and parts.
  11. Thanks mate,
  12. The old engine had its oil gallerries blocked and maybe an oil pump problem which led to the engine seizing on me. Picked up the new one today looks good 30K of life gone from it so pretty young still. Not long to go
  13. Engine in just coughing a bit some new plugs going in
  14. That was bloody quick! Good to hear everything is going well :D. You must be anxious to hear the bike come back to life!

    I'm assuming you're keeping the old motor for spares?
  15. Yeh pretty quick kinda got the bug to get it done. The other motors pretty good, probably make a nice quick engine out of it or just keep it as a spare depends on my funds. Also have to get an air filter for the air box just in case I want to use it.

    Do you run an airbox?
  16. Nah I don't run an air box. HRC (or replica one) with no air box or filter. Just a stainless steel mesh to keep out larger objects from entering the carbies. Haven't had any issues with that set up so far.

    I should have my bike finished this weekend :)...should be ready for next interclub round or PMCC race school day :D.
  17. Its alive!!!!!!!
  18. Awesome!...time to take it to the track.
  19. Just a bit of rejetting and shes good to go