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CBR 250RR Aussie delivered

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by cleanhands, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Apart from being officially delivered and sold by Honda in Australia, why do these aussie bikes cost another 1-2k over the grey imports? The parts are the same no?

    I've been looking at a few for my first bike and was told to get only aussie bikes but have only found them in the 5.5-6k range (all done 20,000k's at most).

    Recently I've found one that has done 15,000k's, looks clean etc except for a crack in one fairing and has some led lights but the guy wants $6k...

    isn't this too much? any advice?
  2. well, its up to you... but considering i paid $3600 for a 2005 gpx250r with less than 20k km, id rather save my extra cash for my second bike.

    I personally dont see a point in buying a bike that is that old (assuming ur talking about a 15-20 year old cbr250rr?)
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  5. Dunno why they would cost more, considering they are virtually the same bike.

    The aussie ones have the benefit of slightly brighter headlights, whereas the jap ones have the benefit of a more powerful engine, higher redline and larger carbs.

    The aussie ones were made from 1994-1996 regardless of age (excess stock was sold up till 1999), whereas the jap ones were made from 1990-1993.

    The bike isn't worth 6k. Probably 5k if its all genuine. I'm not sure that 15,000km is genuine. :roll:
  6. I'm probably out of line here, not having ridden a cbr myself but they don't seem to offer any real value considering the cost of other LAMS bikes out there. Is their performance so much better than a GS or the LAMS aprilia's. I'm not going to say the CBR's don't look cool or whatever (although honestly not my cup of tea) but how can they still command such high prices.
  7. Good question. I suspect that in most cases the high prices aren't actually real - i.e. they don't sell for that much.

    There is a limited supply of these bikes - they stopped manufacturing them ~13 years ago.
  8. The main reason an Aussie CBR250 would be worth more than a jap import is due the the perception that the Japanese import bikes have all been assembled from shipping containers of parts, clocks wound back, they've all been resprayed and dollied up for quick sale.

    An Aussie bike you have some chance of the bike having been in one piece most of it's life, not having sat on a japanese dock for a year, "some" chance of the odometer being accurate and the bike have a verifiable history.

    To their credit these things are so mechanically strong they have put up with god knows what abuse, and been effectively rebirthed in a new country to be thrashed again as "new" bikes (from sumoto anyway :) ) and are still somewhat reliable.

    Buy on condition, get a mechanic to look at the bike if there is doubt.
  9. Price is probably artificially inflated as apart from the CBR and the Aprilias there is pretty much no other racer boy LAMs bikes out there, although now the Ninjas are updated they kind of have a bit of cred and that's obviously why they are flying of the shelves.

    ~20 y o CBR or couple grand more for a few year old Aprilia/Cagiva that pretty much whips them apart from repairs cost??!?!?

    Hmmmm You know what I chose... haha
  10. I had a 1988 cbr250r as a first bike, grey import, and I paid way too much for it (about 6k). The fuel pump leaked, the starter seized, the thermostat was stuffed and the chain was dodgy. I got the fuel pump and starter fixed by the dealer, but the other stuff I didn't find out about until about six months down the track. The bike still runs great, but if I could do it over again I'd have bought a new gpx250 instead.
  11. Are you suggesting an RS125 whips a cbr250rr?

    RS125s are fine bikes, but a good CBR250 is not going to be shamed significantly in any way vs an RS125 IMO