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CBR 250R Gear Racks?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by TheDirectrix, Apr 5, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone, wasnt 100% sure where this thread should go, but here seemed most suitable.
    Can anyone help me out here, i'm looking to buy a gear rack for my cbr 250 (89 model) and i cant find an affordable one anywhere! Had a look through ebay and there are none suitable. Had a look on the ventura website and they cost a fortune! So i decided im going to make my own (even though my machining skills could be better!), but before i start, just wondering if you guys know where you can buy them to fit my CBR either on the internet or shops around the riverina area?

  2. As you discovered, it's not very economical to buy racks new when it comes to small bikes - $400 expense when the bike is probably worth 2-3k. So making your own is a good option, if you have the tools, skills and time needed and know where to get the materials.

    There are CBR250Rs and CBR250RRs everywhere, though, so I'd definitely try to find one at the wreckers first. You can try the Findapart website, which will send your request out to a lot of places around the country. I'm not sure if all wreckers subscribe to it though, so you might as well try the local places individually.

    It would be helpful if you can work out if a rack that fits the CBR250RR, which is more common, would also fit your bike.

    Other than that, are you sure you really need a rack? The back seat provides a perfectly good surface to strap bags to, and you can carry quite a bit. I've done camping trips (tent, bag, sleeping mat) using just the backseat on my Hornet. I'm not sure what the underside of a CBR250R tail looks like - are there place that you can hook occy straps to? Pillion footpeg brackets provide one location.
  3. http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/56146-New-and-Improved-Camper-Box-Build-Ver-2-0


    I am looking at building something for my VTR250. I'll be using 3mm ply and fibreglass (see links). I've made a mock-up out of cardboard and it will be functional and not look too bad. My bike has tie down points but this will let me mount a cheap top box (or build one). As Jack said, not actually needed but should be fun.
  4. cbr's have tie points already, hooks on the pillion pegs and (providing the bolts are original) longer fairing bolts at the front of the pillion seat
  5. oh man, those wooden ones look hideous haha
  6. Just some food for thought; I wouldn't be loading up a bike like a CBR too much. Their frames aren't built for it, and there's stuff all space on the tail anyway. I wouldn't want to put any more than 5kg on the back. If you need to carry a larger load, use the pillion seat.