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cbr 250 tyres / pipe

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by notorious_nick, Apr 18, 2008.

  1. alrighty. ive got bridgestone battlax bt-45 tyres on my cibby and a stock pipe. does anyone know a grippier alternative with decent tyre life to the battlax touring tyres? or are they the go on the cibby?

    also what mufflers do people reccommend for a cbr250rr ?
    ive got in mind a cbr racing muffler and a ractek muffler.
    i think theyre pretty much the same thing, a shorter, oval performance pipe.

    anyone got better suggestions for the pipe or tyreS?

  2. Tyre. Dunlop GPRa10. Very very very stick, stable at high lean angles. Lasted quite well on my road bike for my standards.
  3. buy a exhaust pipe from ebay. even if u were to get a much more known pipe, i dont think there is much significance in performance on a 250. u will need to get a full system if ur really wanting perfomance.

    as for tyres, i use bt45s myself mainly cos i dont hit the tracks or twisties often. tyres with a more grip include the following:

    Bridgestone BT090
    Dunlop GPR a-10
    Michelin Pilot Powers
  4. I loved pirelli sport demons on my 250, as do many others.
  5. Do Michelin Pilot Powers even come in the right size for the CBR250RR?
  6. from memory the cbr250rr likes tyre size of something similar to 110/70/17 and 140/60/17.

    michelin pilot powers, dunlop sportmax etc. have the 110/70/17 front but only do a 150/60/17 for the back not the 140.

    would a 150 back tyre fit on a cbr250 ??
  7. I think there's an altenative to the pilot powers for the 250's. I think its the Michelin Pilot Activ. From what I've read theres 110/70/17 and 140/70/17 and is very similar to pilot powers.

    I have used the GPR 70, the older version of the GPR a-10. I found they were great. Very sticky, even in the wet(only lost grip in very deep water or oil). From that tyre with about 60% tread I got about 5000ks out of it.
  8. +1 - Great all round tyre
  9. ok about custom cans what do you guys reckon?

    - a slightly shorter, OVAL shaped can
    - a shorty (about half length) normal width can
    - a full length can, normal width

    whats the difference in sound / power increase / what would you get?

  10. Make a shorty out of the original can and remove the baffles mate; plenty of noise with (I imagine) the maximum power gain (because there is no more restriction) and significant cost savings.
  11. yeah true.

    i dont like the sound of a de-baffled pipe though and alot of people swear that the back pressure from the baffles is important.

    found a shorty i might go for with some sort of sports baffle, looks better, sounds loud + good, $250

    i think i might just go for it
  12. screaming demon pipes on Ebay look the goods.