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CBR 250 Street fighter

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by notorious_nick, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. ok guys. i had a head on with my cbr 250 which is tyga kitted. im not going to rush out and grab a new tyga cowl and like the idea of street fighter-ing it.

    ive heard that some bikes cant be street fightered due to the side fairings playing a vital role in the cooling systems of some bikes.

    1. is there anything i should know before going ahead with the mod?

    2. has anyone around here streetfightered a cbr 250 before?

    3. where can i get a headlight bracket / headlight to fit my cbr?

  2. Go for it, you might just be able to drag it into the realm of 'not girly.'


    Looks like a reasonable place to start. Get a headlight from the wreckers or ebay, headlight brackets are around the place, not too expensive on ebay but somebody was saying the other day that boating stores are a good place to look too. You might need to replace the dash depending on how much it pokes out, and you'll have to fart-arse about with the wiring. That's no big deal.

    I'd be wanting to put flat bars on it too, and there's a couple of ways you can do that. You can drill bar risers into your existing triple clamp, or buy a streetfighter top triple to use. You might find you have trouble putting mirrors on it if you don't - although there's always bar end mirrors if you don't mind the extra width.

    From the looks of things those air snorkels might have to stay, otherwise the fuel/air mix might start shitting itself.

    Get into it, lose the poofy fairings and ride free.
  3. Loz, go easy. He may be a "passive sodomist"

    Don't want to offend him.
  4. im not too keen on the flat bars to tell the truth. i like the kinked ones as it gives it that cafe racer sort of a look, and i also like the seating position as is.

    in the process of screwing my front end i also bent the forks. does anyone know if its possible to get some upside-downers on it? like those off an RVF400 or something?

    if its possible id be as keen as mustard as my forks are bent beyond repair and a pair of USD's wouldnt go astray. would there be anything id need to replace if i put the USD's on? such as my dash, triple clamps or anything else?

  5. It's possible, but good luck finding a set of triples to match the forks and steering stem. And if you chance upon one with the right geometry you might still have to fart about with the ignition switch.