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CBR 250 R Grey Import. Bad or good?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Conny!, Oct 23, 2005.

  1. I'm looking at an 1988 CBR 250R Grey Import. I believe it was imported in '99. So it would have all its compliance done then. Ie brakes, fluids tyres etc...

    The seller says it has new brake pads and sprocket and has done 40,000kms. They want $3,000 for it.

    I'm trying to get my Dad to look into it so its all happening over the phone. As bike is in Darwin and i'm in Melbourne.

    Anyway, someone has told my Dad to stay away from it because it would have been sitting around. Fair enough but i am of the opinion that if it was looked after and hasn't broken down recently and in good nick then it will last me the year that i'll want it for, and there should not be issues.

    What are people opinion of the grey import CBR's, they're does seem to be a few around.
  2. CBR's are good bikes and they can easily do 40,000+km's without a rebuild if they have been looked after but it is hard to know if it's a good bike or not without specific details, $3000 sounds about right for that model tho.

    Can i ask why you are getting it from darwin when you live in melbourne??
  3. I don't have any other specific details, the people selling it are making it really hard to get a hold of them. My old man is trying to get around and see the bike with a mechanic mate, but the sellers are only home 9-5 weekdays. Which makes it hard for the working folk to get around and see it. I knowo the price is good, thats their advertised price so they may be willing to come down considering rego up in Jan.

    Yes you can ask that.

    I go to uni in Melbourne, but i spend my holidays working in Darwin. So i want some cheap transport that i can tuck away in the shed, but my old man will probably take it for a spin too.
  4. If you're planning to bring it down to Melb rather than move to Darwin, then I'd say you're wasting your time. There's plenty of bikes for sale in Melb and you have the slight (not the sarcasm in the use of the world "slight") advantage of actually seeing and test riding them. If you only want it for a year then I would guess it doesn't absolutely have to be a CBR250R. If it does then ignore my comment, but I'd try bikepoint and select Vic on the search criteria. $3000 should give you more than a few choices. :)

    Of course, if you're moving to Darwin soon, it might be the bee's knees, but I'd wait till I got there and checked it out. :)

    Edit: You posted the last post while I was typing so I missed it sorry. I'd still be inclined to have a look for yourself. Your Dad's opinion of good, and your own might differ, and it'll be you that has to ride it. I'm sure ya Dad knows what he's doing but you'd be surprised hopw often a 2nd hand bike comes down to a gut feeling. :)
  5. I realise now i should have put in my first message that it is for cheap temporary transport whilst i work in Darwin twice a year.

    When i come back in the new year from wokring in Darwin, i'm looking at picking up a ZZR-600 or a suzuki SV650S, i will definately be taking them for test rides around Melbourne.
  6. CT110??????? :LOL:
  7. With NOS?

    I would like something to keep me out of trouble, not attract dogs to its front tyre.
  8. Thats why i'm getting to take along this other dude who know his way around a bike.

    My Dad has also said to me he doesn't want to be blamed if is not what i want. But i have seen CBR's before and sat in them and found them nice enough, besides being a bit small. But when your 6" and 100kg most 250's seem small.

    But i am keen to have transport once i get there. I did have a car there but its now in Melbourne.