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CBR 250 R fairings

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by moad, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Hey Guys,

    I got a pretty beat up CBR 89 model and am looking to get some new fairings before i sell it. I could probably get away with just a front fairing and front tyre guard for now because they are completely trashed, the side fairings could be repaired with a bit of work it just depends on the cost. Does anyone know where i can get a complete fairing kit or maybe just a front fairing and guard? i saw some on ebay but that will cost about 500 for a complete kit. I dont think that includes a tail either. they are fibreglass, is that ok?


  2. u are looking at 100-140 per peice of fairing problay more for a cbr front. +respray
    Get it repaired.
  3. Have you spokin to EVILR1.... :wink:
  4. Yeah i thought it would be expensive but i will get my money back for it. I only paid 2 k for the bike and i reckon if i spend a grand on it i should get $3500 back going on current prices.

    anyway i might just get a new front and get the others repaired, they are original so should be able to get them plastic welded.

    does evilr1 do body work?
  5. body and everything else on that hot sexy CBR
  6. try ebay

    try ebay