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CBR 250 KMs ?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by janz, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. Hi people, i decided to get a CBR 250RR as my first learner bike. I asked my friends about their opinions and they said i should get a bike that is less than 20k km on the odometer. However my budget is limited to 5k so i could only find some 1991,1992 model CBR 250RR with about 40k km on the odometer.

    To me, i think my friends are right in some way...
    Am i going to have a bit of trouble with a 40k km cbr? like maintenance cost....?
  2. You'll never know whether or not a CBR250RR has done 40,000 km, 140,000 km or 240,000 km because the odometer clicks back to zero at 100,000 km. It is now an old bike. Chances are that it has done more than 40,000 km but that isn't necessarily bad. A lot of people have asked about CBR250RRs before on this forum and from what I can remember, a summary of responses have been:

    - the motor is pretty well made/designed so one that has been maintained will last for a fair while even though they've all been around a while and thrashed at least to some extent

    - get someone/mechanic who knows about them to check out the one you're after to give yourself the best possible chance of getting a mechanically sound one. Chances are that most of them have been on their side at one stage so that's something else to check (whether the frame etc. is in good order)

    - the CBR is about the best handling small sports bike around (I wouldn't know - just writing what I've seen written plenty of times)

    - make sure you can afford to insure it third party / fire/theft at the very least

    - do a check with the RTA/REVS (or wherever you need to) to see if it is encumbered or has been previously written off

    Have you considered alternative bikes? Even though they look "worse", try looking at a GPX as well. You'll be a lot more likely to get one with about 20,000 km on the clock and it'll be less than 5 years old for your budget. In fact, there were enough in the 3-5 year old range going from around $4k to less than $5k when I looked a couple of months ago. ZZRs tend to sell for more than a GPX. This paragraph is just in case you weren't aware. If you're set on a CBR250RR then disregard it.

    Good luck in your search. :)
  3. As GoTeam said, the mileage on these old bikes can be a bit dubious. However they are still being imported and complianced so its probably *possible* that they've spent 10 years in a Japanese yard doing absolutely nothing (hence the 20k km).

    However i'd advise you to shop on condition rather than mileage. 40,000km mileage is fine. I've seen one with 130,000km (running well) and *heard* of one with 160,000km. Rely on other factors. If you do a search here and on cbr250.com, you should find lots of information on what to look for.
    You can find out a lot from a test-ride.

    With a bit of haggling, $5k would get you an excellent CBR250RR. If you are good, you could probably get a decent one in the 4-4.5k mark.

    Weak points are always anything that has rubber seals (carbs/boots, forks etc), the regulator and the fan switch. A fair few can also loose a bit of water when hot, so check for that. Also make sure that its roadworthy.
  4. The numbers on the odo should have no bearing on value on these bikes, they are meaningless. Instead get a proper inspection, and compression test if you're really serious about getting a non lemon - especially if you aren't experienced enough to get an idea of how its running by riding it. As others have said, their OEM specs are great - but 20 years on they often have less power than newer 2cyls, not to mention suspension components usually being past it. I've ridden many cbr250rrs, and so many are thrashed out - but people still want big $ for them. Dont go for those.
  5. The cbr250 I had as my first bike was a worn out old thing that I paid too much for, I rode it for a year and had many problems with it, that was five years ago and it is still running, all the problems have been fixed. The question you need to ask yourself is, do you want a bike that might/will breakdown and need a lot of maintenance, or do you want a bike that will run pretty reliably for your year of restrictions before you get a bigger bike?

    I agree with GoTeam, get yourself a GPX, if I had a second chance I would have bought a new GPX five years ago.
  6. I was recently in the same situation as you and bought a cbr ( you can check it out in the new rides section)for 4 grand. +1000000 for judging the bike on the condition and seller, I had some dodgy people try and talk alot of BS trying to sell me a bike. Mine has 60k on the clock but rides and handles better than the other 10 I test rode with 30-40k on them. From my experience the motors on these things tend to vary greatly in performance, im not sure if that can be regained easily with some work or if its likely to be permanent. Also i second the idea of checking out cbr250.com there's some great info on there that will help you out.
  7. Make sure you have a ride of a few of them, so that you know how a good one should perform.

    My ZXR is a similar style bike, just ticked over 50,000. It goes hard, shifts nicely, and starts easy so it seems to be in good nick but I'll see how it goes as I've only had it a month.

    You can get a good one, but you can also get a dodgy one pretty easily.

    Also, in addition to going round the clock the bike may have had a new instrument cluster put in when it was imported. So ignore the odo reading, though higher readings are usually more likely to be accurate.
  8. Seconding this. I just sold a 2007 GPX with 9,000km on the clock for under $5k. Always serviced and garaged, never crashed and in almost mint condition.
  9. i got my FZR 250 for under 2k, full service history, everything, just no rego,

    personaly i like it more then cbr 250's, my mate has one and they really arnt that flash, and VERY Over priced!!!

    i also picked up my aprilia RS 125 pretty cheap with 10 months rego!

    its all about finding the deals, not so much the bike...

    i was set on a cbr250 aswell, i just came to the realisation, that they are OP, thrashed, and prolly been maintained very wrong.

    like i said, look for the good deals on any bike, dont just look for 1 single bike. atleast not on ur L's newais,

    just my opinion! but we are all different :D
  10. that bike could possibly have 15 different owners.

    I did what some of the other guys mentioned. Grabbed an 05' gpx with 19xxx km for $3600.

    May not be the hottest bike on the streets, but its still sexy enough to last my 1-2 years before i upgrade
  11. It's a learner bike with sporting pretensions and is old enough to vote. It'll be stuffed.

    Get the GPX instead.