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CBR 250 Electical Problems

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by R1_lover, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Well thats what lm guessing

    Some of you may remember when my battery died on the ride to Eildon that day and l had to push start it.

    Since then l bought a new battery and went fine for about a week before doing the same thing again, only this time it decided to die when l was down doing a track day. The mechanic down there looked it over and thought it could of been a regulator, so l took it back to the mechanic and told him its not the battery but has to be something else.

    He went over it and said it wasnt the regulator and checked a few things and said it has to be electical.

    I had someone else look over the electical side of it and couldnt see that there was a problem and that it must of been a dud battery so l bought another one...which was charged up before l put it in.

    Went on a long ride to Yea and Marysville the day of the girls ride but havent ridden the bike since ony to work about 3 days ago and it was as good as gold and started first time.

    Went to coffee on Wed night no probs then when l was leaving to come home, it just turned over and was going flat, so l roll started it and got it going. I tried to keep the revs up but when l pulled out onto the road it stalled. Rolled it down the hill to start it again, but there just wasnt enough juice in it to kick it over.

    Now l know it cant be the battery, not again, so has anyone got any ideas or know of any good auto electicians at all.

    Is there anyone that knows about these things that can help me out or at least have a look for me?
  2. Sounds like you got some problems Julz, might be time for the R1. :grin:
  3. Yes but the silly thing is it only does this every now and then, so its got me beat what it is, but its flat and wont start is all l know at the moment
  4. Sounds a little like my troubles when my stator was burnt out....could be an option.
  5. Well l was told it wasnt a regulator or whatever that is, so what other options could there be..where do l start?
  6. Hi R1 lover
    If you dont have acess to a multimeter.
    Make sure you have a charged battery, disconnect terminal and brush against battery post with igntion in off position. If you are getting any spark, could be very weak. You have something draining your battery while you sleep. It then becomes a search of disconnecting terminals and junctions until you locate problem area. If all is good, you need to find wether your charging system is OK. Good luck.
  7. Yes l do have a multimeter, but being a female l have no idea what to do.

    One of the guys came over ran his multi metre to the battery which was disconnected and was only reading 10 volt.

    They roll started it again, disconnected the battery again and put the multi metre on the 2 leads that go on the battery and there was power coming from the magnito and regulator at 14.5 volt.

    They thought there may of been an internal break in the wiring which would acount for any intermitant charging...but couldnt find it...which he then thought it was a dud battery

    So l bought a new one...which as l said was fully charged and ran fine even on the last ride l went on which covered about 350 klms.

    Havent been on it for about 2 weeks roughly, then started it on Tues no probs went to work started again no probs and came home.

    Started it again wed night no probs, went to coffee for about an hr, then went to get on it, and it turned over like it was going flat
  8. FWIW, I picked up one at Bunnings (yes I feel dirty) for $9 the other day. It seems accurate enough for diagnostic work.
  9. Is there anyone on Netrider that can help me here or have a look at the bike for me??
  10. Here's what I would do. Take teh battery out of the bike and charge it up. Charge it till teh electrolyte is fizzing nicely and you have around 13v at the terminals. Leave the battery on a bench or piece of timber (not concrete) for a couple of days and recheck. If it's less than 12.5v, your battwery is gone. The comment about 10v makes me suspect a dead or dying cell in your battery. Batteries comprise six cells, each with the ability to produce 2v, if one goes, there's your 10v.
    If that checks out, put battery back in bike, start it and get it to tepmerature. Connect multimeter on the 20v or similar setting between positive and negative battery terminals. You should have around 12v at idle, and it should come up to 13.5 or 14v quite quickly as you increase revs (to say 4000 rpm).
    If that checks out, you may have an intermittent switch staying on, or other circuit not shutting down on the bike.
    Voltage regulator/rectifiers can allow power to flow back through the alternator when the bike is off, and this can be an intermittent thing. I would have this checked (by another sparkie) if teh above checks don't work out.
    Remember, if someone says they don't know, and they get paid for that line of work, get a second opinion!

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. Hi R1L,

    When the bike was running, the power rail was 14.5V with battery disconnected.

    What was the voltage of the power rail with the battery connected ?

    Nb/ don't discount regulator.

    - What does regulator look like ?.
    - Does it look like is has been heated excessively ?
    ie-- - is the plug (that plugs into it) hard to remove from the socket
    - does it look melted ?
    - When the bike is running, is how hot does the regulator feel ?
    (they are ment to get hot... but if it's too hot to touch, then it's
    probably ph***t).
    - When you are riding along, does the head light vary in brightness with
    constant revs ? (indicating intermittent/loose connection)

    anyway.. hope that helps :)

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  14. Thanks Kaer :) , but lm not going to play around with something l know nothing about which is why l was asking for someones help.
  15. Has anyone got a battery charger they would be kind enough to lend me, so l can charge this batter back up again? :)
  16. yeah jules i got a charger for ya if u wanna borrow it :)
  17. Thanks for the offer Kinky :) ...Darrell kindly dropped one around to me this arvo and is now on charge.

    Thankyou anyway!
  18. I don't have any idea what's weong with the bike :( but i do know a great buch of auto elecs who specialise in motorcycles and they're not far up from you.

    City auso electrical services, they did my bike and seemed to have no problem finding the fault quickly and didn't charge me heaps either.

  19. Just an update

    Charged the battery up and rode over to a guy in Tullamarine who went right over it with a mulitmeter.

    The plug on the regulator had melted one of the pins so he sorted that out no probs, then followd it to the generator which seems to be the problem, so l have to get a new gasket and hes going to put another generator on as soon as l go back, so l think we have it sorted out thank god.

    Thank you to everyone that gave me advise..it was much apreciated :)