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cbr 125r 2007 model after the run in period

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by zumanity, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. did anyone notice any more performance after the first 1000k's?

    ive been reading that people have noticed quite a bit of difference but im kinda skeptical.. :)

  2. All depends on how you run it in. If you do it wrong you can get less power.
  3. ok fair enough.
    so what would be deemed as the right way?

    cheers for your input :)
  4. its got a whopping 9kw... i dont think you can really feel the diff..
  5. Yeah, that rubber band does let the wheels spin faster once streched a bit! :LOL:
  6. ^^^ says the man with an R1,

    I own a CBR 125 and yes, there is a small power increase, but more so, its because you realise there sweet fa in pulling power, you change gears like mad, only to be lulled back when you buy a litre bike.

    1 and 2 get a look in, then its 6 on most of the litre bikes, then compare that to the 125 where youre ringing every bit out of it.

    leaning on the tank cus its so cold and you forgot the lining to your uber white santa monica thinking your such an idiot and having to go to the video ezy to steal catalogues to shove down your front and every other unmentionable place. atleast it kept me warm, ahh Hobo spec. :mad:

    BTW, something I dint know when I bought it - the service regime is 1, 4 8, every 4 K Klms, and it costs roughly 300 each time.
  7. I guess all bikes loosen up and run a bit better after a 1000 or so kms, either that or the rider is just more used to using the full rev range.

    But yeah it is 9kw, so it isnt going to dramatically change.

    I "feel" like mine goes a little better after I have ridden it for 2600km, but who knows.

  8. ive been told they are restricted via the exhaust outlet.
    has anyone found any info on this?

    its almost the perfect commuter bike, just needs some torque and top end speed.
    any ideas?
  9. if so, please - let me know, I have a dremmel, I can do lots of things
  10. Maybe because people change the oil at 1000km and it feels better?
  11. I think mine goes better, but thats also because I am getting better skilled at riding it. Thus making me get more out of the bike
  12. I took the airbox "snorkle" (for lack of a better word) out, seemed to get a little quicker throttle response.

    I have read about some people getting better mid range out of an exhaust change. But cost vs benefit???

    Best bet will be to check out the canadian cbr125r forums.

  13. Get yourself a widduw tuwbo for the cbr125. Ownage will ensue.
  14. got a link for that???
  15. That was fun for all witnessing :grin:
  16. Maximum diameter exhaust only gains 2hp, as for running it in it might help if you understand what is happening.
    There is high friction in a new engine mainly from the piston rings against the cylinder wall. There are heaps of theories on how to work in an engine but at the end of the day its the same out come, less friction. This then should ease power delivery and increase torque and depending on how you have ridden the bike in will determin how quick you will acheive the maximum freedom in the cylinder. Some people say that as the engine is effected by heat the piston rings harden and if you havent worked the engine in hard enough you may only reduce 90% on the high spots on the rings and therefore suffer friction in the cylinder preventing maximum power delivery.

    by 1000k's its well and truely over.

    you can always change sprocket ratio's
  17. thanks drewzor.

    did you end up getting the cbr 125?
  18. :WStupid:
    A new engine must bed-in, these days some are done at the factory.
    Bedding-in requires certain components to 'mate' to each other. This involves 'wearing' in which involves friction. Clearances will increase slightly due to ring/bore/bearing material being removed. Once components are well and truly 'mated', friction levels drop, engine runs with less resistance and therefore an increase in power is noted.
    PS: my simple, non-technical layman's explanation. But basically thats it.
    The difference in say a performance V8 engine can be quite a surprise.
  19. Canadian CBR Forums aye


    I have heard that changing the front sprocket to a 14 tooth (one less) makes it a bit more zippy and actually helps top end a bit cause 6th gear is near useless.

    This thread probably belongs in the Bike discussion area though :roll:

  20. Going a smaller front sprocket will increase chain wear because of the greater amount of movement (angle of attack) totals 7% increase in wear.
    You can get the same sprocket ratio by increasing the rear sprocket to 44T. This should increase longevity for the chain.

    Many say that there is not enough torque for the bike to properly wind out 6th. 6th was made to cruz at 60 and 80k's not strap out 135k's

    That said increaseing sprocket ratio will allow for a great delivery of power making top speed more acheivable.

    download this handy tool to see just how much sprockets can change the bikes performance. Note the effects of the first 4 gears, 2nd standard get 20k's with a 48T rear you could pull 50k's with the increased power band


    Bet everyone wishes they had this for there bikes!

    As for me I sank my money into rebuilding the FZR250 and still plan to by the cbr in june july with my tax return!
    I want both bikes cos the FZR will one day be a track bike. ;)