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CBR 125R 07

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by tluong, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. i know i'm way too big for this bike but what are your thoughts on it.


    Seems to be cheap for those new learners out there. Better than the crap from Sumoto. Comes in a range of colours Millennium Red ,Ross White
    Graphite Black, Candy Tahitian Blue. lack of grunt? Haha i wonder if insurance will cost half of the bike.

  2. and at 4grand a pop, i wouldn't bother with insurance
  3. Depends on your age. Im 31 and NRMA quoted me $300 per year to insure this. Cheaper then my car....

    I'd say if your a younger rider and your insurance company wants to charge you any more than $500, then insure it under your parents name.

    Problem is this, you borrow $4k to buy the bike, crash it. Your Third Party Property might have only cost you $100, and covers the car that you ran into, but now your $4k out the rear door cause you still have to pay for a bike that is probably unridable, then you have to get yourself a new set of wheels.

    IMHO, find away to afford insurance......I've already been burnt with this before. If you paid $500 for your bike, then i'd understand
  4. yeah, because 4g's is like pocket change eh?
    what a stupid comment :?
  5. that's not really the case for everyone. if you can afford to LOSE $4000, then don't bother with insurance

    If you can't though.......
  6. well it all depends on how much the insurance co wants for the premium and your own circustances

    know plenty of people with bikes worth 2 or 3 times that and more than do not use full comp insurance
  7. well my question would be is would u seriously bother getting full comp on a 4 grand car????
  8. Yes, because if some dumb bastard joyriding teenager steals it and torches it then the owner is out of pocket. And if someone can only afford a 4 grand car, then they probably can't afford to lose 4 grand. If they had enough money to throw away 4 grand, then they would probably have bought a better car/bike.

    Never mind the whole question of 3rd party insurance, eg what happens if a Ferrari driver runs me over, then blames me when its not my fault, but the cops believe him and I've gotta pay $20,000 for his bumper.
  9. Well I'm considering this bike too. I'm 22, about to get my L's. RACV online quote was $1000+, insuremyride was $900. I rang AAMI and they said $345 comprehensive - easy choice.

    Oh also 2008 model may be available as early as September, will apparently offer new colour scheme and thats about all.
  10. Couldn't have said it better myself