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CBR 125 Maintenance help

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Adrian Lewer, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Hi all i have decided to do my own maintenance on my newly purchased CBR 125. i am pretty shure i can do an oil change,check nuts bolts,chain ect but think i might have trouble with the Valve Clearences... is there an easy way to check these ? is it hard or easy ? also is the timing chain adjustable ? if so how should i adjust it...

    do you guys have regular meets where you have workshop nights ect where a nOOb can learn all the basics. i have hit the big 1000Kms and need to give her a service.

    all posts good or bad welcome. i dont want to do this to save money but i want to do this to get to know my bike and the local guy will not let me look in on what he is doing :(

  2. I am not sure how good it will be for your warranty to do the work yourself, i purposely bought a second hand bike cause i don't like to let mechanics do stuff for me otherwise i never get a chance to learn. At least you are keen to learn about it on a cheap bike. The oil change is dead easy, remove the sump plug making sure you get the washer as well and let it drain (It drains easier if you warm up the engine a little bit but not too much that you burn yourself beforehand) you can get draining pans from Car Auto shops for like $5. Once you have let it drain for a while some people like to pour a bit of oil in to "flush" it, i do it cause it makes me feel good but i doubt it really helps much. A new filter can be bought from most bike shops and just stick to the recommended oil thickness from the manufacturer.

    To replace the filter there will be another bolt in the middle of the sump that removes a metal plate and the filter will be sitting on top of this plate, make sure when you remove the filter that you don't loose the washers and springs attached underneath it. Then you replace and put it all back together and then fill up with oil.

    Now the bit most people forget is to turn the engine over until the oil light goes off, then switch it off and then recheck to make sure it is full, as the filter will hold some of the oil so usually the level will drop a bit when you first turn it over, let it sit for a minute or two then recheck the oil level, it will need a small top up.

    I am not sure if modern engines need the valve clearances checked? Someone else will hopefully know: p
  3. DONE

    hi guys thanks for all the info, i have successfully completed the maintenance on the weekend, i have done the oil (replaced the 10W30 with 15W50, done the valve clearances (the exhaust needed loosening and the intake needed tightening of the gaps and where out of specification.

    the chain god a complete degrease with ct 18 and then a proper chain cleaner and a lube, the chain was tensioned to slightly tighter than specs, also gave the plug a bit of a spruce up as i was made aware that running optimax is bad for your plug and engine... i have run std unleaded and the backfire and miss situation that i was getting has gone.

    checked and a heap of nuts and bolts checked. wash and polish of the exhaust ;) .

    i am happy with my effort and the bike seems to ride better, i also feel more comfortable on the bike knowing i have seen her naked :) .

    now just a question about brakes... is it worth while using emery paper on the services to scuff the discs ? if so what grade ?
  4. "now just a question about brakes... is it worth while using emery paper on the services to scuff the discs ? if so what grade ?"

  5. Re: DONE

    Looser than spec is preferable to tighter than spec. Of course you could just adjust it to spec which is even better again. :)
  6. thanks for the reply's guy's. i asked about the emery paper as i do this with the cars. the chain is suppose to be between 25-35mm in play i have set at 22mm... any looser it makes a racket and changing gears is a pain ? not sure why it interferes with gear changing...
  7. I'm a couple of hundred clicks behind you with my CBR125, but since one of the reasons I went for a new bike was for the warranty I'm going to get it serviced at the local dealer. I am looking forward to working on it myself when this ceases to become a factor.

    I'd be interested to hear about your results as your service history progresses.
  8. hi zenali, the service went great. the biggest head ach was getting the fairings,radiator ect out of the way but a couple of drinks and it was all out of the way.

    i done the valve clearances which where out slightly and changed the oil, cleaned the chain/sprocket assys and re lubed, pulled the plug (had to anyway) and hit with the brush...

    i had a ball with the service and i found it has run better with the service... and had less vibration, my local dealer said he was going to charge $200 and when i said that includes the valve check (which the book requires) he said nah it wont need it... so already i think i am ahead...

    i am now at 1802Kms as at 3AM 19/09 :)

    have had a coulpe of problems though. maybe once every couple of days i will be riding along and the bike surges slightly as if there is an injector miss and then as good as gold ? have you had this happen ?

    i have had the tyres let go ? not sure but i think the tyres are crap... even in dry.

    how do you find the bike in general, i love mine and think i will have a hard time giving her up for a 1000 in the future... but need the bigger balls for the head winds :)

    just a word of warning i was speaking to a bloke at peter steven's and he said stay away from shell optimax he said any other fuel other than that as shell add a chemical to the fuel which hates bikes fuel systems...
    i mentioned this to another bike dealer i went to visit and he actualy agreed and said just use bp ultimate ? maybe this is where my surging problem lies ?

    what sort of riding are you doing and what is the fuel economy like ? i get 400Kms to 10 liters of 6-7k smooth changes ect and 250 giving it all its got (not much ;) )