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CBR 125 2011' Exhausts

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by SOL3Ride, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. *Apologies for so many noob questions in advance* I'm looking to replace the stock exhaust on my 2011 CBR 125. Before anyone points it out I am aware this will add probably 1or even less horsepower. The main reason I'm wanting to "upgrade" is the stock exhaust has a few cosmetic scratches on it and also I'm wanting to get a rear stand for the bike to do some minor servicing. From what I've researched the stubby exhaust of the CBR seems to get in the way and will cause scratching/damage to the underside of the exhaust while its being mounted.

    From what I've seen there seems to be a dismal range of after market exhausts as there is with all CBR 125 accessories. I have found videos claiming to Yoshi and Akrapovic exhausts but I didn't think they made exhausts for such small bikes.



    my personal favourite was the IXIL Hyperflow L2X

    it looks and sounds the best of the bunch. Does anyone have any advice. Will it increase fuel consumption? Will my logbook still be able to be stamped? I have seen the exhaust I want for about $AUD 250. Do you think it is worth the time and money or should I just leave it how it is and take the hit in resale value.
  2. lol why? WHY??
  3. Dont suppose you still have the stock exhaust for the CBR125?
  4. Hi! I have a cbr250r, the kinda older twin of the 125.

    Having a free flowing exhaust does seem to lose some low torque without any gain unless you use a fuel controller + a increase of about 0.3l/100km in the fuel consumption charts. + shorty exhaust will be LOUD. I have the Ixil exhaust with baffle and im still trying to quiet it down by stuffing it with anything I can find. If you are trying to just mask the damages, just get another cover (~$60) or sand and repaint.

    As for the stands, the stock exhaust does get slightly in the way, but not that bad, just be careful and it should be scratch free. The bike have no holes to add spool stands. I am currently using something like http://www.ffx.co.uk/Content/images/tools/RPS1.V3.jpg to jack the rear wheel.
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