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CBR 1100XX super blackbird - Opinions

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by sonicbaz, May 20, 2006.

  1. Howdy, I'm looking to upgrade from a GPX-250 to a bike that is a capable weekday commuter, some 2 rider action and comfortable tourer around on the weekends. I am seriously considering a second hand CBR 1100XX. The perfect size for me at 185cm / 100Kgs.

    At 34 I'd like to think the old right hand won't be a problem, so apart from the mountains of power is there anything that people would consider a negative? I would have loved a FJR1300A, but the old budget restrictions remove this option.

    Gaddam the super blackbird is an awesome looking bike! :grin:

  2. I love the look of the XX.
    Currently set as my lappy desktop wallpaper (I can dream! :D)

    Other than the gigantic power difference compared to the GPX, I can't see a lot of major problems.

    It should be a good fit for your size. Comfortable riding position. Decent wind protection with fairing. Decent sized tank. A great all-round sports tourer that looks fantastic.

    Though I think i'd take a Ducati ST3 if cash was no question. :cool:
  3. The bird is an awesome bike..

    here's a site that might help you..


    I know heaps of people who have them, they rock :)
  4. They are a big bike!

    I rode one in traffic and didn't like it, it felt too big and clumsy to me, on open roads they would be superb, but I wouldn't buy one as a commuter

    You are bigger than me, so it may not worry you
  5. well i had a ride at HART day and im like 175cm tall and had no problem with it .... it does feel kinda big but still the power is good and it would be a good everyday bike... not too much head down bum up style of riding..
    but would say if u did get it you would be happy with it...
    good luck mate
  6. I can say they are a mean looking bike with the power to match, after a year i am still happy as punch with mine, but gotta agree I do like the FJR as well.
  7. Have to agree the XX is a damn good bike :)

    BUT the FJR is better :p mines an 02 mod and only set me back 15.5k
    It is great two up and now i've got the suspension setings right for me is magic up in tha hills too :twisted:
    As a comuter to and from work from Berwick to Fitzroy ( monash AND eastern freeways daily ) i cant fault it,im as quick as i would be on the VTR using 1/3 of the fuel the VTR would use :? and heaps of spare pwr on tap if needed, the reason lane spliting/filtering is almost easyer on the sport/tourer the mirrors are ABOVE the average cages mirrors :cool: and in alot a cases i can get through gaps that the sport bike behind me cant unless he/she folds there mirrors back :LOL:

    Not that im biased but i recon side by side the FJR looks hornier than the XX :p

    Ps: now i've settled right into the FJR come summer the VTR might just be found up 4 sale ?? Im having just as much fun on the FJR with as i said 1/3 of the fuel costs :LOL:

    But it all comes down to personal choice of course :)
  8. A lot of people love the blackbird. I took one for a test ride and found it way too long a bike for me, too much weight on the wrists, got tired holding myself up with legs, back and neck muscles.

    The engine develops some pretty stunning power - but not in a frightening or particularly exciting way compared to other bikes.

    It didn't feel real nimble to me, and I like a bike I can chuck around a bit, which is why I ended up going for the Hornet 900. I was all set on a VFR or CBRXX before I test rode them - make sure you test ride a good variety of bikes, you never know what you'll jump right onto and feel totally at home.
  9. I picked up a B'Bird on Friday. My previous bike (which is for sale) was a Honda CBR1000F. The 'Bird is probably the old 1000's next generation of model development.

    The differences between the two are significant. It's what I'm doing to try and relate my views of the bike. The B'Bird feels more comfortable, is smoother, the engine has heaps more power, and thus is a more tractable engine. I find that I lean over the tank a bit more than the 1000. I'm about 5'11". A mate who owns one is about 5' 8" and he looks like that he's being stretched out on a rack when riding it. But he claims to be comfortable on it.

    As for chuckability, I can't really comment. It's not an R1, so you can't really compare. But at 220 kg it's definately going to be lighter feeling than the Yamaha 1300 that you looked at.

    My concern though, is that you're considering a quantum leap; going from a 250 to a bike like that Blackbird in one hit. For you the differences will be startling. Bigger, heavier and a HEAP more power. I mean, instant throttle response and a resultant sudden increase in speed that may catch you out, particularly if you pick the bike up somewhere where there's a lot of traffic.

    Of course, not knowing you, you may be a closet Michael Doohan. But if you're anything like I was when I was on 250 trailbikes, the difference between that and a big road bike, for me, was huge, and daunting.

    The only negatives to owning such a bike is that it will chew through tyres. Michy Pilot Roads are good for probably 7,000-10,000 km depending on riding style. At around $550 a set, if you commute a lot it could become expensive, replacing tyres that are worn in the middle and still good on the edges.

    Fuel consumption is alleged to see around 280 km to "reserve". I can't comment yet as I've only done 200 km on mine and it has still got nearly half a tank, according to the gauge. Might try it out today, go for a blast to Walhalla or something.

    Another "negative"; access to the engine. The tank is difficult to remove. I wanted to run a cable from the battery to the front for a power outlet (GPS). I couldn't work out how to remove it without disconnecting and unbolting a heap of stuff related to the fuel injection system and other unknown bits of stuff under there. Certainly this may impact on service costs unless you're adept at this sort of thing.

    Fitting a Ventura rack is a piece of cake. Undo 4 allen bolts, remove luggage pins, replace with rack brackets. 5 mins. work and I have a nice, neat luggage "solution" all ready to go.

    Incidentally, it cost me $423 for a Ventura rack, bag, sports rack and grab rail. The bag's not quite as big as a normal Gearsack but it should suffice for the time being.
  10. Congrats Martin....I am very....
    jealous :twisted: envious :mad: spiteful :cry: resentful :shock:
    but above all hopefull that someday I amy throw my leg over one too :roll:


    col :cool:
  11. Thanks. Let's hope that you too are able to return to the fold. How's it all going, btw?
  12. I was once a very happy Blackbird owner until I recently sold it in a change of life thing.. OK I went over to a cruiser. :p
    Anyway, I loved the Bird, travelled from 100k's east of Melb up to Darwin via the centre and back via west Queensland, and to Alice and back on another occassion. Numerous other big trips. It ate up the miles with ease, long arms helped as well as the sheepyhollow seat cover! Had the full gamut of Givi panniers to stuff gear into. Without the panniers it was a great bike for the windies, just leave it in 3rd and blast.. About 150hp at the rear on the dyno with the full hindle exhaust system and PCIII.
    I would have loved to have kept it, but I needed the cash for the new biike and all, atleast I know it went to a good home.

  13. What's the PCIII? EFI module? If so, how much, how easy to fit?

    Also that exhaust, is it a 4-1 or 4-2? Hard to tell from the photo. And did it require removal of original exhaust system, or are the mufflers (if two) slip-ons?

    Having just bought mine, I'm keen to mjt57'ise it....
  14. The guy I bought my GSXF from the other week had upgraded to a brand new 'Bird.

    He said he loved it, but it wasn't as comfortable as the GSXF and he feared for his licence... :LOL:

    When I'm old(er) and gray(er) and upgrading from the GSXF, I'll certainly be considering a Blackbird.
  15. The PCIII is a Power Commander EFI module. I had it fitted by Phil Tainton on Stud Road, Melbourne. They dynoed the bike and set up the EFI map. Fitting it is easy, plugs straight in between original EFI computer and motor, and the box sits under the seat.

    The Hindle is a 4 into 2 into 1 full titanium exhaust system fitted at the local bike shop down here where I live. It is considerably lighter than the OEM system, One muffler on the old exhaust alone weighing more than the entire new system, so it is a big weight loss for the bike but a big boost in power. I think the HP at the rear wheel before the exhaust and PCIII was in the low 130's, and after the exhaust, the high 130's. But with the addition of the PC!!! the HP went up to 149.7HP from memory. I can dig out the dyno print if you like!
    Cost, the exhaust was pricey being titanium but I went that way for the weight loss, I think it was about $1500 fitted. The dyno and PCIII etc was another $700 approx, but well worth the difference it all made. The bike was changed completely, heaps smoother, gruntier, and pulled harder than a 14 yearold boy on Sat night.
  16. Are you serious? I can't see the appeal. IMO it's incredibly ugly.
  17. Since Friday, I'm the new owner of a Blackbird. Thanks for pointing that site out. Yesterday I registered with them. But as of 1pm today, they still haven't activated my new account. I wonder how long they take to process memberships. I'm dying to get on and browse the site.
  18. baz

    big heavy thing compared to what you're used to but it grows on you quite quickly.

    Don't listen to mjt either - he just hasn't worked out the little tricks to maintaining the beast without taking everything apart.

    Aside from tyres - and a gentle(ish) right wrist will set a set of pilot roads last for more than 12,000km, maintenance is very low key for these things and my first one went for more than 120,000km before even looking like moving a valve clearance - many others have the same experience.

    I upgraded to the 01 model after the previous 96 plated one had more than 180,000km on it. The only non-consumable I bought for it was a R/R unit but this is quick and easy to replace (and easy to catch before it gets you into trouble if you keep an eye on things)

    A rear shock shim will make the bike appear to lose about 100kgs and start behaving like it should in the twisties without becoming unstable, even down the chute at EC.

    Most of the time i sit somewhere in the middle of being a plonker and giving the wrist a handfull, and the injected model returns 5.8l/100km (over the last 60,000km, with trackdays removed) - if you are careful filling up the tank you can easily clear 330km to reserve and another 75km after that to empty if you don't keep going flatout.

    btw, mjt - you might like to check out my cruise control, driving lights and other mods on ozbb when you get into the site.
  19. are YOU serious? I think the zx6 was beaten more than a little cruelly with the ugly stick, and this comes from a man who owns 2 blackbirds and has just bought a R1200GSA. Everybody sees their own reflection in their choice of bike.
  20. oh, for OP info, the only things that would make me choose a feejer over the BB is that you would like the integrated luggage and you don't want oil stains from your chain getting on the floor of the garage or you want ABS :D

    btw, last two chains on the bird went for 60,000km each with an automatic oiler.