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CBR 1000 2005 mod

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by ddeessww, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. Just after your thoughts ...I have a CBR 1000 2005 mod, I find gearbox on this bike is really cluncky ..is this normal , also I have some trouble when i am trying to gear down at low speeds eg comming to a stop , I sometimes have to gear down couple of time without letting go of the clutch ..." Yeah i know i should be in right gear" but this is a question about gearbox not my bad riding habits :? lol

    does anyone else have these issues...I used to have a Honday VTR1000F but did not have these issues, in fairness i only been riding the CBR for only a week. maybe its just me....I am a little gental with the bike at the moment...

    any comments would be helpful...even if ya gonna have a go at me ....lol
  2. huhwhaatt??
    thats the second thread i have misread in a row!

    mine is a little clunky, but it's not a bad clunk. different to the 1000f but not bad. remember the gearboxes you are comparing are very different. one is for shifting superfast, the other not so...
    i would say; Normal :)
  3. thanks heaps Joel :)

    most seem to have the same view ...I was thinking about putting a friction modifier in the gearbox...I should prolly find out how much a new box is before i do that hehe just in case :?
  4. G'day everyone,......

    ddeessww I have a 2006 model and when I got mine I found the gear changes slightly notchy at first.

    A slight ajustment in the way and timeing of the changes smoothed out the whole prosses and now its all good as thay say.

    Its just a matter of finding the bikes/gearbox's 'sweet spot' and the changes become smooth as silk.

    I hope this helps in some way.

    Dr Who?
  5. yep, like dr pooh, err, i mean who :LOL:
    i find that if i am in the right rev-range and use a smooth technique the notchy changes vanish. i suspect there is nothing wrong with your bike, its just you are used to a low revving torque monster, and now you are on a hungry-horsepower overdosed buzz-machine!
  6. cheers boys ..:) agreed ..its getting better everytime i take the bike out ...obviously i am getting used to it or learning how to do it a little smoother...man that could mean so many things...

    anyhow thanks for ur help again joel/dr who...cheers hope to catch up wif u guys on a future ride ....