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CBF250 wont fire

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by plonkey, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Got a problem with a CBF250.

    Engine will crank but not start. No spark.

    interestingly when the key is turned to the ON position the gauges flick up as they should as part of their test and the LCD screen illuminated as it should. A few seconds later the screen fades, the instrument lights go out and the gauge needles drop to below 0 and beging a very short flicking. This flicking occurrs for a up to a minute , even with the key turned off.

    If I turn the key on again the gauges may repeat the above but for a much shorter time. If it doesnt repeat the gauge needles will just sit there flicking for 10 or 20 seconds or so.

    Battery is strong and has been on charge for several days. Headlight is strong too.

    Any ideas where to look for the problem.
  2. Who knows what evils lurk in the heart of Honda electrics? :LOL:
  3. have you checked the big 3...

    1] Kill Switch
    2] Clutch lever switch
    2] Side stand switch
    3] In neutral, not in gear

    Another thing to check...with a multi meter check the battery voltage while the ignition is on... ignition on but not cranking it should still read at least high 12's(V) to 13.5 volts.
    If its under 12V then your battery, is 'not that strong'..
    10-11V will still light the headlight bright, but indicates a dead cell.
  4. Sounds like a short somewhere to me (that is, if like you say, the battery is in good shape!). I'd be chasing the wiring around with a multi-meter.
  5. Bad connector to the front end
  6. The "short flicking" might also be a dud Brazilian relay (or one with a loose/dirty connector), if there's one associated with what's happening here. See if you can pinpoint the source of that noise and work out if it's the case. Either way, it's one thing you might be able to rule out fairly easily.
  7. The noise is the stepper motor? that drives the gauges I think. Havent looked internally at the moment. And the funny thing is that it seems to wane over time ..as if something is losing capacitance. If I allow the bike to sit for a while the dash lights stay on for a longer period than if I turn the key on immediately after. If the lights do come on they go out quickly and then I need to allow the bike to sit for a while in order to get them to light again.

    I have learnt that if the headlight is disconnected the LCD display and gauge lights pulse on and off. I wonder if this is normal. possible to indicate a blown HL globe???
  8. Engine cranks quite healthily..
  9. If the engine cranks 'quite healthily' then that makes me think (even more) that I'd be checking the relay and cut out switches (as already suggested).
  10. Wont be the starter relay if the engine is cranking.
  11. *oops*

    You are of course correct.
  12. Clutch and side stand interlocks work as intended.

    Pulled every connector apart behind headlight, inspected and all look pretty damn clean. Found a pinched wire though, trapped behind the harness restraint. Outer insulation slightly damaged.
    Fusue all good.

    still stumped.
  13. ECU or ECM as Honda calls it. Pull the plugs and look for shorting. Sorry mine did on my Viffer. Didn't even know it had a fault though till I had it reprogrammed. Just thought they ran shoite at a slight throttle.
    Bloody Honda looms.
    Really hard to find an electrical fault when your with the bike. Let alone from here. I wish you all the best. Electrical faults suck big time.
  14. OK. Have you pulled a plug and fired it on the side of the engine?
  15. OK. got the bike going yesterday...Turned out the plug lead wasnt making contact with the barb on the inside of the plug cap.. Pushed it on and away it went.

    Bit of a scam really.

    A bike repairer quoted $700+ to replace the ecu and the pulser coil because they were both faulty.

    Yeah right

    Still have the dash problem...seems this is a different issue.

    Ill have another look at the dash in the weekend.
  16. Someone's been sloppy. You're supposed to put balled-up paper inside the plug caps of people who have just got their first bike.