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CBF250 Vs VTR250- The Epic Battle (Who Will Win?)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by madwomanofdonnellyst, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. OK, so I passed my Ls (yay!), and the bank's approved me for a loan (scary amounts of debt- yay!)...now I just have to work out which bike to get.

    I've narrowed it down to two choices. Not that I'm not willing to deviate from them, but my current feeling is that that will only add to my indecision! As much for the benefit of me working through the pros and cons, I'm going to post my thoughts on each here. Comments and suggestions are more than welcome :)

    First bike...Honda CBF-250


    * I've wanted one of these for years
    * I've ridden them before, and know I'm comfortable on them
    * I much prefer the positioning of the foot pegs
    * Cost


    * Known to be gutless bikes, and I'll grow out of it fairly quickly
    * Fairly shitty re-sale value
    * Rear disc brake is a bit of a worry
    * Not so great for highway riding (which is an issue since the next town is an hour away, on the off-chance that I ever get a holiday!)

    Second bike...Honda VTR-250


    * Probably won't grow out of it so fast
    * Good for town & highway riding
    * Front and rear disk brakes (go team safety!)
    * Pretty good re-sale value
    * They look better!


    * Not as comfortable with the seating position (but I'm sure I'd get used to it)
    * Cost
    * Much steeper learning curve- would take me a while to feel confident enough to commute in traffic (which was the whole point of getting the bike in the first place)

    What to do? What to do? Take a bigger risk, and grow more as a rider; or go for the cheaper, more confident option?

    Either way I'm planning on buying new. I know there are plenty of second hand models of each out there, but since none are close enough to test ride, and I'm no expert on mechanics I'd prefer to be safe than sorry.

    OK, so now I've vented (sorry it was so long)- what are your thoughts?
  2. Go the VTR, you'll be suprised at how quickly you get used to the bike. They're very forgiving, have enough power around town (barely on a highway... the CBF would be worse). I don't think they're much heavier either.
  3. Biased as we VTR250 riders are, I think the VTR's a nicer bike. Yeah, the pegs and overall riding position are a little more sporty than the CBF, but I don't mind it - it's nowhere near as brutal as some of the sportier-still bikes, so you have the option of sitting upright and relaxing or hunching over and zooming about. :)

    I've done 800+ km days on mine while touring, f'r example. :)
  4. VTR250 all the way, they're a sensational little bike.

    I'm riding around on Rosie's at the moment and having a ball - it's like "joy of motorcycling 101" chucking one of these around. Nothing else I've ridden comes close.

    I'd have one of these in my garage as a commuter anyday, they're a real hoon machine and they'll do it all (except real fast sweepers, where the frame of any 250 bar the race reps turns to spaghetti.)
  5. Well, there can be no argument - VTR is a better bike, On the other hand, CBF is a fair bit cheaper... did you really mean CBF, by the way? Because you said you wanted one for years and they've only been on sale in Oz for about one year so I wondered if perhaps you meant CB... which is no longer being made.
    In any case, considering you live out in the country I'd say, forget them both and get Suzuki GS500 instead!
    I don't think there's that much difference in price between new VTR and GS500.
  6. Yeah, I've been looking at the CB's for a few years. I figured the CBF was the new version of much the same thing. Or at the very least that it filled the same niche in Honda's entry level bike range, even if they've tweaked them a bit.
  7. The CBF is not related to the CB - it's a single-cylinder 230cc IIRC.
  8. I rode a CBF 250 for my licence test.... and it seemed to me that they haveUN-tweaked it.
    the CB250 was a much nicer bike.

    +1 for the VTR. I ride a SPADA which is the previous version of the VTR. Has the same engine but an extra gear. fantastic machine.
  9. Nope it's a completely different bike. Single cylinder (CB was a parallel twin), a lot more plasticky, made in Brazil... much inferior to CB250 it replaced, in my (biased) opinion.
  10. I rode on of these around Phillip Island. What a total giggle. The thing flexed and bucked and weaved, but stayed resolutely rubber side down, hassling the big bikes through corners and then got caned down the straight. I think I smiled more in my 6 laps than I did before or since. Simply, they are a great all rounder.

    I hate the tyres on them, the OEM's are hard as rocks, but still adequate. The simple essence of riding distilled into an affordable and fun package.
  11. The Honda site claims the '07 model is a 250. The specs are here:

    The VTR's a V-Twin instead of a single, isn't it? Much shinier.

    But I'm def. talking about the CBF, rather than the CBR/CBRR etc. I figured if they'd stopped making the CB and had bothered to call it CBF there would be some substantial differences. The appeal for me was mostly that they shared a similar body style, which is one I've been comfortable riding on in the past (ie centered pegs etc).

    But the VTR's starting to look good...
  12. Yah, VTR's a lil' V-twin, and if you fit an aftermarket muffler to it, it'll even make Real Growly V-Twin Noises (tm) (minus the Ducati dry-clutch rattle). :)
  13. Easily fixed. Simply get some nuts and bolts, put them in a cup and mount on top of the engine. Et Voila, you have a Ducati sound. If you want to make it a Ducati Performance clutch, you change the nuts and bolts from stainless to titanium.
  14. Yes the CB is a totally different bike to the CBF. I don't understand why you think the VTR would have a steeper learning curve? If you have ridden the CB250 before and are comfortable on it why not buy one second hand? You will be saving yourself thousands and thousands and the engine is just so reliable.
  15. Mostly just that it's a totally different riding position than anything else I've ridden. It'd just take a while to get used to in terms of balance and cornering etc. Not that it would be an insurmountable challenge, just trying to take everything into account while I weigh up my options.
  16. I guarantee you the VTR will give you more confidence than any other 250 - in fact pretty much any other bike on the market. They're a winner, so easy to learn on and so capable once you've got some moves.
  17. yes the honda site says the cbf is a 250, thats because most makes round up to the nearest 50cc, even though the actual displacment is 230cc, they sell it as a 250

    definately go for the vtr, i think you will find the cbf has roughly the same seating position, but with alot less performance

    also being that you are in nsw have a look at the lams list on the rta website, there are a whole lot more options
  18. That's sneaky, that is!

    I briefly considered LAMS bikes, but since my first bike was about 70cc I figured I'd stick to 250s for the time being and ease myself up!
  19. you need to think that these bikes are designed for those that haven't ridden ever, the only experience i had was bashing around paddocks on a variety of dirt bikes up to the age of 15, hadn't been on a bike again til the week before i went for my L's and that was only a YZ250

    first bike was the GS500F figured it might mean i would look at upgrading straight away, but i did, i found it to be under powered still even though it would pull 190 down a straight bit of road

    in the end it comes up to you, what you what, what the bike is needed for, how tall you are, your frame of body, you need to weigh everything up before deciding
  20. I basically went through this a month or so ago.

    Was buying brand new, do I save some money and get the less powerful CBF 250 or do I get the cream of the crop VTR 250.

    I got the VTR 250 and don't regret it. But my reasons were this.

    First, the bike was going to do me for a few years, not going to trade it after doing my year on my P's. (Note I live in Vic so 12 months restricted to 260cc or less). So since I was going to hang onto it I wanted something I could grow into and be content not to trade up from for a while.

    Also, being a brand new bike, the manual says and the Honda dealer said not to give it a gutful or trashing for the first 500 to 1000kms until the first service at 1000kms. Now, being a new rider, this has actually played into my hands. Keeping the revs down has still given me enough power to ride around and learn but not do anything stupid with the bike while I"m so green to riding.

    I've done 650kms so far in 3 weeks and to be honest I've become a lot more comfortable on this bike with every ride and while I'm not blasting around, I wouldn't want any less power as time goes on. I believe I'd be regretting now getting the CBF 250 if I did because over the long term it would feel underpowered to me.

    So that's just my current experience and my preference. As I said, this is a bike that I expect to have for 3 years at least so I wanted something I could grow with and not feel underpowered in that time. So spending the extra on the VTR for me was the better choice of the two.