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CBF250 really bad??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Drew, Jul 17, 2007.

  1. What are peoples thoughts and experiences with these bikes?

    I rode one for my lisence test and came away very dissapointed in them. I'm not sure if the one i had was just a bad one but there were several areas i was distinctly unimpresssed with.

    Brakes (or lack there of) Front was ok..but a lot less forcesfull than my spada...took as long to pull up from 40Km/h as my Spada does from 60.

    rear..well i think it was working..the lever moves a good 5cm before brakes started to apply...again on my bike if i did this i'd be bending the lever..i have maybe a out 1-1.5 cm free play at he most.

    Clutch. better than the brakes but was either on or off to some extent not much feel for slipping etc.

    Gear Shift was smooth enough..a few false neutrals were found thoguh. Biggest gripe was the way the lever works. On my bike when in 1st gear you can't actually push the lever down, so you can tell if you are in 1st or not. On the CBF250 the lever goes down no matter what gear you are in. Was really distracting being in 1st gear and stamping on the changer then realising your already there. Did the same upwards, top gear still allowed the lever to move up. I found this dissapointing as i think it removes some feedback to the rider.

    General stuff...i think it stalled about 50 times + during the day. usually mid corner at low revs. putting along at 10-15 doping low speed manouvering and all of a sudden "clunck" it stops on the spot....really nice when halfway though a sharp turn :evil:

    Also had thi happen in a straight line..just stopped. I ened up givving a bit of choke after a while just to keep some extra revs in the engine.

    Throttle response was a bit choppy but this could be just becouse it's a single cylinder.

    Footpegs are annoying...for me anyway... everytime i put my fet to the ground the footpeg pokes me in the side of the calf just above the top of my boots.

    What was good about it? Seating position..nice and upright and the bars felt about right too.

    Well thats what i noticed. some of these issues may me maintenance related but in a training environment i was expecting better. The CB250 was a much nicer bike in my opinion.
  2. They are pieces of shiite

    Low end, and not worthy of the Honda badge.
  3. my thoughts exactly.

    They just seam cheap and nastly.
  4. it's as if they took a CB250 and ruined it totally
  5. yep.... it looks plastic too...even the metal bits :(

    and to think i almost considered one.... was put off byt he footpegs and the amaount of highway riding i do..I was told the single wouldn't cruise very nice at highway speed.

    Luuurrrrvvve my SPADA :grin:
  6. I did my Q-Ride training on one of these. Not bad for their price, but yeah, I noticed all those same issues you spelt out.
  7. will have to put my word in cause i actually got one of them and ride it on the daily basis commuting 70-80km round trip. most of the things you guys noticed were the poor maintenance issues. bike stalling and all that jazz is in my opinion you not being used to it or just the actual settings of the particular bike itself. i ride mine as i said on the regular basis and the only time i stall it is when i leave my place like 5.30 in the morning and i'm still half asleep.other then that i just don't. the bike does lack the power but it's so easy to throw around it's not even funny!!! as for riding on the highway i'll deagree as well. i find it alright. just recently went to shepparton and back. the only problem was again the lack of power. nothing else besides that. i think they way some of you are trashing the bike is not fair. i own one and i ride it with pride!!! it's my little baby and it serves me well. yes it is a low profile bike. nothing to say wow about but it serves it's purpose for me well. to keep the price down honda did compromise on lots of little things:eek:ne being a very basic chain. i've clocked in just over 16000 km and it needs to be replaced which i'd hopefully get around to do next week or so. other than that i can't really fault it to be honest. don't get me wrong i do want more power and torque and when i get off the restrictions and the bydget allows me to i would be upgrading to a bigger and better built machine but as for now i'd like to say whether you ride the most expensive ducati or aprilia or just a simple postie you can't just go around saying this and that bike is piece of crap just because it didn't feel right for you or it's too small for you or someone gave it to you and it wasn't setup or maintained properly. as i mentioned before i ride mine with pride and this little machine is doing me well.

    but hey that's just me and my properly setup cbf250 that doesn't stall,doesn't need a little choke to keep running. and those footpegs are actually quite comfy.

    to finish it off i'm 176cm tall if you ask how tall i am. noone actually mentioned that the bike's got electronic fuel gauge,clock and trip measurer(or whatever you call it). not too many 250s out there could show that.
  8. Dude, just cause you ride one doesn't make it a good bike. :LOL:
    As far as 250's go. They are shit
  9. That's because in the grand chame of things those features are not overly important.

    But if it does what you want and are happy then that is good. I just found it to be a poor replacement compared to the bike it replaced.
  10. How are they different to the old CB250's they replaced? They were very low budget and rough.
  11. are you saying mate you need to keep the choke on ALL THE TIME to keep it running?
    that's terrible!

    My old CB 250 was tough as nails, only needed minimal choke to start up & never failed me.
  12. no just to give it enough revs to stop it stalling at slow speed and loading the engine. Just glad i could give it back at the end of the day...
  13. It's made in Brazil and was designed for Brazil, so what do you expect. I mentioned when these came out that Brazilian made VW components were complete rubbish, not surprised that bikes would be any different.
  14. I'm with Maximus here, as you can pretty much guarantee that the course loaners have been treated like $2 hookers :rofl: On my Ps course, there was a loaner CB250 (yes, the original) in the group, and it was stalling like a mofo too.
    I have no problem with what Drew said (sorry for ripping off your avatar idea too mate :LOL:) as it was the bike he rode, but to conclude that they're all crap is just silly :)
  15. thats why Iwas asking for others experiences... if they were all like the one i rode then there would be a lot of unhappy people.

    the gear operation would still bug me even if the rest was ok.

    And ok about the Avatar.... mine is the original though :p