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CBF250 or Yamaha Scorpio 223?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by g rider, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. I am in the market to buy a new 250cc motorcycle, under $6000, the Honda CBF250 is $5590, and the Yamaha Scorpio223 is $5000 brand new, does anyone know which of these motorcycles is the better bike, it's for general commuting and some highway travel to Gold Coast from Brisbane, and small mountain rides.

  2. Welcome..... GO a GSF250V.

    Nuff said

    (By the way, get oggy knobs)
  3. out of those two, definately the cbf, but at the same time i think you will get bored of a single 250 pretty damn quickly, perhaps look at the second hand market
  4. Single cylinder 250's really struggle at highway speeds... that is to say they can't hold 110kph.

    If you must have a new bike and you are restricted to a 250 the there are still (I think) new GPX250's around for $5999 and you can get a Hyosung GT250 for about that as well.

    The twin cylinder motors will sit comfortably on 110kph with some power in reserve (unlike the singles).
  5. hornet 250 ;)
  6. I test drove the Yamaha scorpio the day after my pre-learner's and loved it. It's very buzzy and easy to ride and reminded me of bikes I've ridden on overseas holidays years ago.
    BUT... I reckon it would be a bugger on the freeway and you'd grow out of it quickly so I bought an second hand CB250 and I'm upgrading to a GS500 or ER-F once on my P's (hopefully next month).
    If I really was just doing local commuting a Scorpio would make sense but once you're riding I reckon most people want to do more than just local riding (if that's what you want get a scooter I suppose).
  7. I'd go neither, they're both pretty much bargain basement commuter bikes. vtr250, hornet 250, bandit 250, spada, zzr250, across will sh*t all over either of them. If you *must* have a new bike, well thats your choice and i guess there's a certain appeal in that. The first three bikes i listed are vastly better then the scorpio/cbf and one of them in good second hand condition would be a much better buy. Good luck with it all and let us know what you end up getting :cool:
  8. I think you're being overcharged for the Scorpio. There's deals over here in the west of $3990 on the road.
  9. 6 grand will get you a brand new gpx, ride away - if you find a dealer with some left.

    Otherwise 5 grand gets 06-07 gpx used, with bugger all kms.