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CBF250 Does anyone here own one of these?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by iamahot1, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. I'm thinking about buying one of these but the dealerships don't have a demonstrator for me to ride. I would like thoughts on this bike from anyone who owns one or has ridden one

    thanks in advance
  2. They are a really nice looking bike aren't they? From all accounts, the weight/power etc is virtually identical to the older CB250 - I do believe the gearing is slightly different on the CBF however.

    Maybe try and have a ride on a CB250 instead?
  3. Compared to CB250 it has an extra gear, but it also lacks one cylinder! It might feel a bit different, but it is an entry level machine and CB250 is no longer available so who cares how they compare - just sit on one, and if the ergonomics are right and you like the looks then you might as well get it because it simply is what it is.
  4. I've never bought a new bike, nor seriously considered it, but it's really shitty that dealers can sell you a bike but refuse to offer test rides.

    Anyway, to get an idea what its like, go for a test ride on any other 20hp 250 (CB250, Virago, GN250 etc...), they'll have identical performance. Then try out the ergonomics of the CBF250 to see if they suit you.

    I wouldn't reccomend buying a bike like this new. It's the kind you can get tired of very quickly if you don't know what you're in for. At least ride a different, yet similar second hand 250 for a couple of months to see if it'll suit you long term.
  5. I'd keep asking until they do or buy something else. fcuk that shit, it's your hard earned money and there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to test ride first. :cool:
  6. I thought this thread was meant to be in the jokes and humour section!
    I read the title as 'C.B.F on a 250'! :LOL: :grin: :wink:
  7. Exactly. thats why I told them I would never buy a bike without riding it first and because they wanted to sell me one he asked his boss who said IF the deal was right I could test it for 2-3 kms. Is it just me? I don't think thats anywhere near long enough to test ride a bike
  8. Of cause 2-3km is not long enough.

    My suggestion is go somewhere else if possible. They obviously dont want your business badly enough.

    When i was looking at bikes the 3 dealers i went to were virtually pleading with me to get me to take their bikes out for spin.
  9. CBF is a nice bike but I cant find it anywhere...

    Anyone know of any dealers that stock it?
  10. Let us know where you are will help...

    I know TeamMoto Honda in Brisbane have 5 or 6 in the shop. Don't know is any one of those is demo bike...
  11. I still wonder where these bikes are being made. They seem disturbingly identical to the Brazilian made CBX250 and aren't available in Japan.
  12. I'm guessing that they're made in Malaysia, just as the Honda nsr150 was.

    Nothing wrong with that, many car manufacturers also do the same thing, it seems that it's the only way to keep the price down these days while still maintaining (some sort of) quality.
  13. Yeah Malaysia would make sense, the VTR isn't available in Japan either so it's probably coming out of SE Asia somewhere as well. Just interesting that brands like Hyosung have a bad reputation because they're not made in Japan - when many "Japanese" bikes probably aren't being built there either.
  14. Quote from 'Honda Worldwide' site,

    This on-road sports model is equipped with an air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder 250cc engine. A reduction in weight was achieved by using aluminum rear forks, resulting in a light, sporty-feeling ride. It will be manufactured by Moto Honda da Amazonia LTDA, a Honda subsidiary in Brazil. Sales will start in Spain and other countries in the spring of 2004. The projected number of sales is 3,000 units/year."
  15. Ahh so it is made in Brazil, don't know if their manufacturing technology has improved down there in the last few years but I know the VW components they used to make were complete rubbish compared to the German made parts.
  16. jd, VW makes their cars in Mexico. BMW (which I have two of and LOVE them) made theirs in South Africa since 80's! Does that make me love them less? No. Everything is made to lesser quality these days, long gone are the days of a million kilometre travelling Mercedes.:) Bastards don't want you to keep things for life, but to buy them soon again. VW, I think would be the same (crap) as German made, coz parts and all is manufactured to that manufacturer's standard - if VW has any ;) hehe. Being made in other countries only means we pay less for it, not that we're buying lesser quality. Then again, no idea about the CBF250 in Brazil either...
  17. I was talking about replacement parts for the old, original VW Beetle. Used to be that the only replacement parts were those designed for the Brazilian Beetles (still being made) or from manufacturers in Germany. Exhausts were a particularly good example, Brazilian ones were around 2-3 times cheaper than those made in Germany - but would rust out in just 12-18 months since the steel used was paper thin and the paint "protecting" it was virtually transparent. True, build quality on something you're only planning on keeping a year or so probably isn't that important (as long as nothing falls off or breaks). Just pointing out that buying a 250 Honda doesn't necessarily mean you're getting Japanese build quality/reliability - so the Korean made Hyosungs may also be worth a look.
  18. Crap. Misinformed there I was :) Didn't know about that.

    Yea on this forum I got under the impression that Jap is Jap made, and that actually "guarantees" some sort of quality and reliability. Korean-made always brings KIA etc to mind which I'd never put my family in danger with. This certainly doesn't have to mean bikes are the same. Especially since Jap obviously isn't really Jap anymore, would certainly be worth a look. :)
  19. Did you know if the Brazilian made replacement parts were manufactured by VW or through another company?
  20. I spoke with Redwing Honda in Heidelberg VIC about these today, he mentioned them being made in Indonesia.........they also have a demo model there for those interested in riding on.

    The fella I spoke with spoke quite highly of them - as a commuting bike.