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CBF250 and Peter Stevens

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Rushne, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Hi All,

    Long time lurker first time poster here.

    I just got my Learners on the weekend and am keen to continue the learning on a 250.

    I am pretty keen on a new cbf250.
    I have been approved for Finance with Peter Stevens (Melbourne) which includes all my gear and bike and insurance.

    The good thing is that I can get the bike and gear soon (and insurance is taken care of as well). How ever, I don't really like finance. I'd pay the bike off in 4 months if I could. But there is a penalty rate. After 12 months.. it is only $150 penalty to pay it off.
    So I'd be paying $475 for the Interest in the first year and the $150 penalty for paying off the loan early.

    I have heard bad things about PS servicing, so I'd get it service somewhere else.

    The bike is $6200 with ORC.

    Any advise here is appreciated.

  2. dont buy from PS :p dont get a cbf250.

    i was keen on one after doing the HARTs, but got a gpx, the extra grunt is just awesome, even for such a small bike.
  3. I would never get store credit*. If you wanted to borrow you are far better off getting a personal loan from a credit union, that doesn't penalise for early payment, gives lower interest rate and much lower fees.

    (*with the exception of some interest free stuff)
  4. I also had Peter Stevens price up some financing for me on one of their bikes and the total cost ended up being pretty outrageous. For the same money you could get yourself a very nice Honda VTR250 from a private seller, a much better bike for the money IMO.
  5. Yeah. I have done some more research and have found that i can get a personal loan through my bank.
    I'll just do that instead.

    Thanks for the help.
  6. Fixed it for you :rofl:

    Yeah, nah at least that'll be better than the store finance. Let us know how you go mate.
  7. I bought a new CBF250, less than 2 months ago and paid $5700 including ORC... and I didn't haggle them down or anything thats just the price they quoted me at both Metro and Redwing Honda. I can't imagine the price has increased in the mean time? Are PS quoting you over RRP?
  8. Through my experience with PS, they are a great source of accessories, even trying to score a deal on a bike.
    But, as others have already said, DO NOT LET THEM EVER SERVICE, TOUCH OR DO ANYTHING TO YOUR BIKE ! Period.
  9. PRIVATE SALE!!! Much cheaper... ask for help looking or test riding and someone near you will come to you aid!

    (and if you crash a used bike you dont cry as much)
  10. Metro Honda quoted me $6300 just then. Must be some $500 hike for no good reason.
  11. If you can afford to pay the bike off in 4 months, why not just save up for it & buy it in 4 months without paying some over earning finance company any money? Much better.

    You will get a much better deal pretty much anywhere if you walk in with a wad of cash too. You can pick up a private sale CBF for a much better price, there's not much that can go wrong with them, so secondhand is a very good choice. :grin:
  12. 4 months!!! But I want it now! :D

    Nah, I have organised the money through the bank instead.
  13. the prices on the CBF250's has increased as of the 12th of January...

    but, I'd still support your local Honda dealer instead of "the Empire"
  14. since when was a price set in stone?
    go down to your local honda dealer, and have a talk with them.
    i'd never pay full price for a bike.
    that first R in RRP means they WANT you to haggle :LOL:
  15. :roll: , yeah.. dealers are making thousands of dollars profit on CBF's..

    my workshop makes more in the PD cost of the bike than the bike sales department makes...

    on low price bikes there is FA margin
  16. where did i say, or even imply, dealers are making thousands of dollars in profits?

    i dont care how much a dealer is making. im not in it to make them rich, im in it for a good bike, as cheap as i can get it. and if i think thats cheaper than RRP, i will ask for it.
  17. And you probably won't get it. The ticket price in most cases is as low as the dealer will go these days. They'll usually knock $$ off accessories for you to sweeten the deal but very very rarely off the Retail Price. There simply isn't enough margin in it for the dealers anymore.
  18. You must be getting good then, seeing your preference for replacement VTR's... :p

    Seriously, on a bike at that price, there's next to nix in profit. A few hundred perhaps. Out of that, the dealer has to pay wages, commission, overheads etc...

    Where you can make savings is by forming a relationship with the dealer and getting excellent prices for spares, accessories etc...Then over the life of your relationship you can save thousands. From my experience, a dealer who makes nothing on the bike isn't then going to discount new helmets, leathers, spare parts etc..

    For sure, you don't want to pay over the odds, it just depends if you want a transactional sale or a relationship sale.

    Both Metro, Jeffries and Redwing are very good.

    If you do go to PS, say hello to Jamie (Miss DJ).
  19. WOW - go get 'em Tracey..
    save us from paying too much... :roll: :roll: ask away by all means.. just don't come crying here when the only shops left are Peter Stevens owned and they don't discount 1c