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CBE125 for 100kg rider?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Salad Cycle, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. Hello I can afford honda cbe 125 at $2000 but I am concerned that it will have a short and unreliable life because I am too heavy and it is too weak to maintain safe travelling speeds in traffic.

    I am in Newcastle.

    I am on full licence but only have $2500 for reliable transport. If I have to pay for expensive regular repairs like my last motorcycle I will be regretful.

    Please advice me on reliable affordable motorcycle for commuting.
  2. Save up for longer. A CB125 would be woeful with a 100kg rider!
  3. Bad idea mate. U really need a 500cc bike but if you've only got $2500 look for a ninja 250 or gpx250 or zzr250. U might find a hyosung 650 for that price if your lucky
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  4. just go older. bikesales has a 1994 ZZR600 for $1990 for example
  5. I'm 80kg and I wouldn't ride a 125cc.....
  6. Hard to say, I use to ride 125cc bikes as a delivery driver and we had a few 80-100kg guys riding them.

    I don't think reliability will be a huge factor. The ones I worked at managed to get to about 40,000Km before they died, and they were never looked after and thrashed everywhere they went. Just change the oil very regularly and it should be fine.

    But you will struggle to get over 70kph. so busy roads and highways will get you in some trouble.

    I agree with everyone above, save an extra grand or two and your options open up vastly as to what you can buy.
  7. the CC of a bike refers to the carrying capacity of the bike, a 125 is good for 125 kilos, a 250 for 250kg, and 1000 for a ton
    thats why harely engines are ridiculous sizes, because the bikes are being designed for people who weigh as much as a small car
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  8. Thats a ripper! I cant read anymore, might go down the shed and change my muffler bearings
  9. This one is acceptably priced with registration. Is there a way to determine if this is a lemon that will cost thousands per year in repairs (like my last motorcycle)?

    Suzuki GSF600 Bandit
    1996 $2400 57,000 km

    gumtree suzuki-gsf600-bandit

    This is pretty close to where I live so I could pick it up tomorrow.
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  10. 57,000kms - check to see if they have a full service history on it. Check things like tires($350),chain,&sprockets($200), fork seals($200), exhaust(scratches from accidents), engine sidecovers(cracks from accidents), bent handlebars(check headstem bearings by turning the bars and gently rocking the bike back and forth) check the oil through, make sure it aint black.

    If the 57,000kms have been from country commuting - this is better than city traffic , easiest way to check is to have a look at the headlight and windscreen for stone chips and belly pan if it has one.
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  11. try and see if there are any net rider members around you that could help you inspect the bike.

    If not do as stubanger has advised, or take it to a mechanic and get an evaluation done to it.
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  12. No problem with reliability on the CBE really. Only issue is are you happy maxing out at 80km/h and the seat is not the most comfortable after half an hour I find. But for spirited darting around town I find mine perfect - visit the servo once a month.
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  13. Put it this way... A 50kg rider I rode with, had problems on the freeway. And she was pinning it. With a bit of headwind or uphill, there was no way she could maintain a constant 100km/h. So, good luck to you if you take that route.

    It doesn't mean that just because that the bike can theoretically hit freeway speeds, that it's suitable for said usage.

    If you never smell the freeway and are never in a hurry, then I reckon you might be able to tolerate one.

    This bike is perfect if your commute consists only of filtering through standstill traffic as found in most Asian capital cities. Or for bike delivery gigs downtown.
  14. I had a look at the Suzuki GSF600.
    It started up first go.
    It has aftermarket loud exhaust. Sounds good but a bit louder than my friends Ninja 250.
    Replaced handles.
    It has been dropped with marks on tank and handlebars.
    Tape on exhaust, I could be in a nasty surprise if I took that off.
    Needs new seat (I'd have to make one myself to keep cost effective).
    Electrics have no protection I'd need to rig something up.
    Tyres has some wear.
    Questionable service history. Last service a year ago (pink slip) probably a lot longer.
    Rust did not look bad but it will probably be another story once I get the exhaust tape off.

    I would like to get a motorcycle but this one I think will be too high risk.

  15. Only just realised you have full licence. There's a gsxr750 1999 model on gumtree for $2300
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  17. I'm about 110kg and I've got a CB125E. It's fine in the city, borderline useless on any road with a speed limit greater then 70km/h. Planning to sell it once I've passed the MOST test and gotten off my L's.
  18. Honestly at that price a $1000 Hyundai excel will most likely be cheaper in running costs overall than gsxr750 that is quite old
  19. Put your hand up if anyone here would rather drive a excel to work or ride a gsxr750 ?? Um anyone, helllllooo
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  20. I think you've completely missed the point...