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VIC CBD Police Blitz (11/05/09-15/05/09)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by ceska, May 11, 2009.

  1. #1 ceska, May 11, 2009
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    Melb Police are going through an exercise & pulling up all bikes this week c/o the increased accident/fatality rate.

    I was pulled up today & quizzed on my license type! The cop checked out my bike & asked what i was doing riding without L plates :LOL: he wanted to hear my answer basically; that I'm on P's but mature age so don't need to display plates.

    They're particularly checking licensing & restrictions etc, he told me to tell anyone I knew that this was happening all week in Melb CBD to ALL bikes ( I was pulled up doing a hook turn legally).

    Ride safe...

  2. I see this as more of a challenge... :grin:
  3. Great. I work on Flinders Lane and get in on the Eastern, so go all the way through the city each way every day. This could get boring in a hurry.
  4. Yea I get in on the Eastern and work near the Crown... hopefully with the graveyard shifts I will miss most of them.
  5. I live in the city! Joy!
  6. bicycles do not have to do hook turns, however they are encouraged to do so, unless a sign such as "no hook turns by bicycles" applies.

    EDIT :LOL: :oops: :oops:
  7. i figured it would be a challenge for some :wink: ftr i was pulled up on Collins, doing a hook turn into Elizabeth st

    I agree, it can get rather boring by the end of the wk!

    nibor - really? i figured that in the city where there's tram lines that we need for safety to do a hook turn rather than not :-k will check it out
  8. No one is exempt from hook turns - cyclists are permitted (in fact encouraged) to make hook turns even where they are not compulsory.
  9. ive not been pulled up yet. in fact I've not seen any coppers so far.

    I ride down entire length of spencer street and into city road to chapel street
  10. That's the first I've heard of it, riding in the city I always do the hook turn where it's mentioned for the right handers. Somehow I'm not sure it's true. Happy to be proven wrong though.
  11. Please quote the legislation that dictates this, as I believe you are wrong and this is not something you want to be advising unless you are absolutely certain of your accuracy
  12. good that they are doing this then they might be able to find a few bikes that have been nicked
  13. Motorcycles must follow the same rules as cars, unless exempted specifically, (eg: footpath parking).

    We cannot ignore a hook turn sign.
  14. ahhh i tihnk i might be getting confused with cyclists, i'll go check :oops:
  15. my bad, will edit my OP. it was bicycles that are exempt and have a choice, unless there is a "no hook turn by bicycles" sign.

    i better make a hook turn next time im in the city :oops:
    motocyclists do generally have room to perform a normal turn, but the cars that follow you assuming they can turn from the right lane, dont :LOL:

    MOD: Thank you and well done :grin:
  16. well not quite cbd but they were out in force this morning on the eastern just after chandler hwy.

    1 marked car nabbed a cager. 1 unmarked (never seen this type of car before, didnt have normal cop lights, had white stroby sort) nabbed another cager and i unmarked bike cop.

    hopefully they dont just randomly pull us up during peak and make us late for work.
  17. Meh, they use all sorts. Police in adel use undercover aurions, hell they even have undercovers on pushbikes.
  18. It's on, mate of mine just got pinned for passing on the left this morning.
  19. thats nothing unusual for the eastern.
  20. i recon it was an undercover aurion. I wasnt sure but if they're using them now too. normally you can spot the unmarked b/c of their cop lights, but these bastard cars look differant and I wouldnt spot em.

    harshing being pinned for passing on the left.