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NSW CBD parking - What a nightmare

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mogley, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    So I have recently started riding into my work as a suit in the CBD and am not sure what to make of the almost impossible to find parking.

    Granted it is free but I don't want to pay for parking everyday (public transport ends up cheaper).

    I've noticed a lot of bikes park in non-designated spots, either on the footpath or in various nooks and crannies scattered throughout and wondered if this is legal (probably not) and why people are not being booked for it?

    There are certain spots (near Sussex st for example) where almost 20 bikes are crammed onto the footpath as the designated parking spots are full and it seems someone just started doing it and everyone else decided there was room for one more. Other spots have bikes parked in clearly marked No Parking spots (my favourite is near Jamie's Italian where there are 3-4 bikes parked everyday right under a No Parking sign on nook inside the footpath).

    Ultimately, I'd rather park in a designated spot but unless I get in super early, I am doing laps and end up parking pretty far away from where I need to be.

    Today I joined the rogue folk on the footpath because I had nowhere else to go and I was late for work but wondering if the city just turns a blind eye to this or what is going on.

    If the rangers don't care (it doesn't seem like these rogue bikes get booked otherwise they wouldn't be there everyday) or there is some legal loophole as to why they are not being booked, I may as well just find my own back alley spot near my work and just be done with it.

  2. I'd love to know the answer to this as well. I'm not going to put myself through hell trying to find some space in the cbd, thus my riding has dropped substancially :(
  3. I was wondering the same. If you're not in the city by 7: 30am, you're SOL on the designated motorbike spaces.

    I found out it's only $10 to park in the Westfields, so car parks at least give discounts to motrobikes, but I am not sure what the situation is with all the alley ways and nooks and cranny's you referred to as I see bikes there all the time.
  4. Something else to consider, is that you can park in any designated parking zone for free (except loading zones?) but you must not exceed the time limit e.g you can park in an ordinary 4P car spot for free for up to 4 hours.

    I've checked this with two rangers and a plod over the years. Never had a ticket. I know this doesn't help for all day parking but if you find a 4P at 0800 you could move it to another one at midday etc - helps if you are desperate.
  5. Get a motorcycle cover and tie it down, they can't book you if they can't see your plate.
  6. My wife use to ride into the city for work but was always there before 7. She parked at the top of Kent St (under the overpass).
  7. So i just got back from lunch and some poor sod who parked one bike width too far outside of the designated motorcycle parking had a pretty little yellow envelope sticking out his pillion (outside Australia Square). And he was an L-plater too. Give the guy a break he wasn't obstructing anything and at least he was trying.

    The bikes around the corner stashed in the nook were fine. :unsure:

    You are right.


    4 hours is not even half my working day though. :(
    Also don't trust cagers to not knock it over.
  8. There's plenty of bike parking on Hickson Road: a couple of bike areas near Napoleon Rd and 10 hour regular parking further up towards the Rocks.
  9. The tickets they hand out are not consistent. You may not get a ticket for being too far outside the designated moto parking area for two weeks, but then the end of the month comes and everyone outside of the area will be getting tickets.
  10. im pretty sure its ok to park on the nooks and crannies, provided its not a footpath............i dont think council would have any power to fine people if the bike was parked in private property, is in a safe position pedestrian wise, and is OK'ed by the building management..............
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  11. As someone else mentioned they seem to be a bit inconsistent. On Kent st there are a stack of bikes (20+ most days) parking up on the footpath. Generally they don't get booked.

    However if you park outside some imaginary boundary known only to the ranger on that day, little envelope for you.
  12. you just need to park on private property and then your sweet, unless the building has an issue or your blocking a fire escape, also dont get seen by the coppers when your coming or going they might get mad about the riding on the footpath thing.

    if your on the footpath at all you will probably get fined eventually, there are only so many rangers and they can only cover so much of town in a day, so you will probably get away with it for a while.

    imo see if you can stash your bike in a nook in your office carpark for free, go chat to the carpark dude.
  13. And have ya seen the quality of Clover's Rangers these days? Came outta the back door of the office on George St, Thursday night, and was about to tell this scraggy, long haired old geezer in daggy shorts and a cowboy hat to piss off and stop loitering around my dustbins when I realised it was one of the City Council's finest.
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  14. Good idea. I've got a feeling some of the Porsche/Aston owners would have a fit though :)
  15. One thing i also forgot to add that from personal experience footpath parking is the best, i once put my bike on a very very thin section of pavement down a back alley, only like 2ft wide, anyway there was a no stopping sign for the road next to the path. If i had been on the street, 240$ or so, but on the footpath, 80$.

    If you cant get anything thats your best bet
  16. There's also an iPhone app called Motorcycle an Scooter parking. It shows Free,Unofficial,Metered,Station and No parking places all over Sydney. It seems to be a bit "wiki" because there is also a bit that lets you add new spots. I use it every time I go somewhere new and it's pretty accurate.
  17. I also find a place for parking but don't get anyone there. You'll be very fortunate to discover any on road vehicle parking in the Sydney CBD at 10PM on a Saturday evening.
  18. LOL this explains my $80 fine at the uni...was working the library there and didnt know where any parking spots were as we were at the loading docks....so just parked it up on the footpath...took bout a hour for me to return to a ticket lodged in my front brake lever
  19. Arrived into the CBD at about 7:35am. All the motorbike parking spots were already filled.

    Followed a guy into a nook that had enough space for only 2 bikes right across from Aussie Square - Fingers crossed there are no tickets handed out today! :)
  20. that app is fcuking amazing by the way who ever suggested it cheers!! its on android and iPhone.