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CB900 rack to CB250

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Envy-t, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. I am looking at a Ventura rack on Ebay thats off a CB900. Will this fit my Hornet 250?


    Or could someone with a late 90's model bike measure the distance over the seat from bolt to bolt of the grab rail.

    Please and Thanks
  2. Take a look on the ventura website and compare the codes for the rack & L bars. If they are different, it probably won't fit.
  3. I did but they don't have a listing for the 250 hornet :(
  4. The distance between the rear bolt to bolt for the 9er is around 9 1/4 inches, while the front bolt is around 10 inches.

    And I think you mean an '02 and onwards 900 Hornet.
  5. Thanks mate and bugger. Won't fit.
  6. Don't be too put off. My guess is that the L-brackets would fit the 250. You may just need a different size rack.

    Maybe find someone close by with the 900 ventura rack just to see for the brackets. If you're in Melbourne you can try see if mine do the trick and then keep it in mind if you come across any others.
  7. Hi Jorge - did you get the new bars on your Hornet?
  8. Yeah, got the bars and they certainly feel more natural. I take it the jacket's getting a fair bit of use? Oh and cheers for letting take your 650 for a quick spin.
  9. That's good to hear :)

    Yep she is loving the jacket, I managed to get myself one from a friend of Nibor's out in Monbulk so in some respects I'm enjoying this cooler weather ha ha!

    I think I'll look at taking a Hornet for a spin in August when I'm off my restrictions - ideally would get one and keep the Sachs (i.e. get my GF to keep it and sell her Spada ;) )as I managed to get the part I needed for the carb so it is running superbly for the first timer since buying it.