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CB900 Hornet Question

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ZX9rB3, Mar 27, 2010.

  1. I purchased a 900 Hornet a couple of weeks ago and Im loving it. I got it at a great price and I picked up some delkovic pipes on ebay for a $600 delivered (new). They sound great too. So Im very happy with it but it does have one slightly anoying trait and im wondering if it's normal.

    I get a tapping noise from around 3k rpm - 6k rpm. It's a ticking sound, like tappets in a car or noisy injectors. My question is, is this normal for CB900 Hornets?

    Anyway, its a 2007 model with 4000ks travelled, so it should be in top condition. It certainly looks it.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Anyone? :)

    Can someone make something up then.... :bannanabutt:
  3. If it sounds a bit like a handful if stones churning around in the motor, try using higher octane fuel. That sorted it on my old cb9. Otherwise... Camchain? Oil?
  4. Hey Loz, yes it is a bag of stones sound. I rang Metro Honda today and the mechanic is spoke to said they are known for pinging. He also said they are very reliable.

    Thanks mate, I might try the premium unleaded but he reconded it can cause other issues. I'll see how it goes after a tank or two.

  5. Just a thought ... did you replace the headers or just the rear exh section.
    A leaking header at the cylinder head can sound very much like tappets.
  6. No, not 'normal'. FWIW, mine has never suffered from pinging and I've never run it on anything other than standard unleaded.
  7. My '06 CB9 Hornet does this tappetty noise as well. At low rpm between 2,000~4,000rpm, mostly on a stone cold engine with a mild to heavy throttle I've used every type of fuel that's on sale with no (none that I can discern) difference.

    I haven't worried about it as the engine runs 1000% (yes I did mean to put in the extra "0", it's that good) , with no problems. The 1998 Blade, which this engine is from had fairings to cut this type of 'low noise' out, which is probably why it had not been mentioned with that model run.

    As long as your bike doesn't blow any smoke - even stone cold - then it should be OK for a million kms.
    My 2cents as an owner.
  8. Hi, no didnt change the headers and the sound was there before anyway. Thanks dude
  9. Hi Marx, as you have described is exactly how it is, worse when its cold etc. The mechanic I spoke to at Metro said the same thing. A higher octane fuel may sort it and it may not but high octane fuel can create other issues.

    It doesnt blow smoke its only travelled 4500ks. I think I will just have to get used to it.
  10. My Hornet 600 pings if I'm mildly heavy on the throttle (those rpm's, accelerating in traffic etc). 98 fuel seems to have sorted it.