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CB750 F1 project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by bsa, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. Ok..... with the BSA finished the time was here for a new project

    My Grandpa had a Cb750 laying away in the back shed and with some discussion when i was visiting on holidays it was dragged out and we started to strip it back and see if this was really going to be worth restoring.

    IMG_0350. [/IMG]

    Im lucky enough to have a grandpa who has restored bikes for most of his 83 years and being a spray painter makes the whole process that much easier. This is however the first bike he is restoring that is not English.

    The bike was all original and was still low kms as it had been stuck in a farmers shed for many years and obviously occupied the kids judging by the smashed up gauges.

    IMG_0333. [/IMG]

    There was lots of surface rust present on the bike but nothing structurally wrong.. the bike was extremely straight.

    IMG_0348. [/IMG]

    The bike rebuild is slowly coming along with lots of parts needing rebuilding like the whole brake system, forms and electrical system. Also due to the difficulty obtaining parts especially good quality ones.



    The paint recently done to the bike and the motor.


    Due to my grandpa's hatred of the original F1 yellow he painted it in a far nicer Ducatti yellow.



    The last of the parts are slowly coming in so hopefully the project will be finished soon, even though I cant complain as all this work has only taken 3 months so far.



    Thanks for reading and i hope u enjoy the pics and i will add more as the bike gets closer to being completed.

  2. Looks good, should turn out well!

    With regards to parts, I presume you are across Puds Four parts & Randakks Ctycle Shack? Plenty of stuff, but not usually cheap!

    NOS parts occasionally pop up on ebay for ok money too.
  3. Now, for the best part; go to a wrecker and get an early-model Gold Wing front end; the alloy rim and double discs and 38mm forks turn a mushy-handling blob into a real motorcycle!!!
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  5. Looking good. Do you know what condition the motor is in? Have you done any testing?

    Should be a nice unit when you're done.