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CB750 cafe racer for sale

Discussion in 'Archived' at netrider.net.au started by maduncle, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. Righto -

    This is my 1977 CB750F2 SuperSport Honda, now called the 'High Tea Racer'.

    Price - $6,000.

    I have spent the last 12 months turning a stock CB750 into a real classic looking head turning unique and fun to ride cafe racer.

    Here's the list of works:

    - New clip on handlebars, fitted with Posh grips.
    - New Posh gauges.
    - New front and rear blinkers.
    - New tail light and custom licence plate and rego mount.
    - New headlamp, bucket painted custom copper.
    - Custom shaved and filled top triple.
    - New Venhill brake lines.
    - New electronic ignition.
    - New plugs.
    - New coils.
    - New wiring.
    - Reconditioned KONI rear shocks.
    - 4 into 2 into 1 race exhaust, wrapped in titanium exhaust wrap and topped off with a stainless steel Lossa Engineering shorty muffler (sounds amazing).
    - Carb re-jetted with 130 mains, now the carbs can keep up with the headers and the filter.
    - New remote alarm system with trembler and immobiliser. The bike is a 'keyless bike' with no keys required to start it or lock it.
    - Custom antique white and copper trim paint job on the front fender, oil tank, fuel tank and headlamp bucket by Mitch Ellis of 'Optical Tripology'.
    - Custom made brat style seat.
    - Custom frame work, with a new rear tail loop welded in.
    - Race pod filter installed, called an 'Antipod' and manufactured by a member of the Honda SOHC4 forum.
    - Custom made leather side panniers, the left side can hold stuff, the right side is a cover for the oil tank.
    - Huyabusa rear sets fitted, on a custom made bracket that bolts to the frame.

    There are probably one or two more things I have either done myself or I have had done professionally to this bike, I just can't think of them all (there have been so many).

    So why I am I selling it?

    Because I have three Hondas, and that is one too many. And because it is now finished and I want to move on to other custom bike projects.

    I have receipts for work and parts that total over $10,000.

    I am going to sell this bike without rego and without a RWC. To get a RWC it will need a chain guard fitted and a rear fender fitted under the seat to meet the ADR requirements. Not hard to do (and not hard to take off).

    If I was going to keep this bike, I would ride it as it is for a year or so - and then I would not be able to stop myself ripping the engine out and giving it an 836 big bore kit and a good polish.

    Inspections can be arranged for serious bidders (not tourists).

    Any questions, please ask - or call Cliff Overton on 0458 588 893.


    (maduncle) Cliff.








  2. I'm sure there's a good answer to this question, but how, by any measure, can you spend 'over $10,000' on a project and then sell it for way less than that? In ANY form of business, selling something for less than you paid for it is considered the first step on the downward slope.

    I'm not being critical or dismissing your work; the bike looks fabulous. But I just can't get my head around you selling it and not at least trying to recoup your investment.....
  3. Well...

    It was never mean't to be an investment - more of a 12 month learning experience.

    This sure ain't a business for me, otherwise I would have gone back to TAFE and studied up on everything I needed to know about bikes.

    I will lose money on the labour costs of other technical specialists who helped me to build this bike, but I gained knowledge from them in the process which I am applying to the Runcible Racer build myself.

    Swings and roundabouts I guess Hornet!
  4. Ha!

    Someone is already trying to scam me...

    Thanks for the prompt response.. I am ready to buy it now as a birthday gift for my brother in-law. I am at sea at the moment as I am a marine engineer and due to the nature of my work, phone call making and visiting of website are restricted but I just have to squeezed out time to check this advert and decided to contact you regarding it. I really want the bike to be a surprise package for brother in-law so I won't let him know anything about the bike until it gets delivered to him, I am sure he will be more than happy with the bike. I insisted on PayPal as my mode of payment because I don't have access to my bank account online and also, I don't have internet banking, but I can pay from my PayPal account. I have my bank account attached to my PayPal account, so I will need you to give me your PayPal email address and your final price so I can make the payments asap for the bike and please if you don't have a PayPal account yet, it is very easy to set up, go to www.paypal.com and get it set up, after you have set it up I will only need the e-mail address you used for the registration with PayPal so as to put the money through. I have a pick up agent that will come and pick the bike up after I have made the payments for the bike.

    This guy sounds legit - right?

    Glad I read the threads on the scams, I have spent a lovely evening informing this fellow about who I have sent his details to...
  5. The pics look awesome. Wish I'd the money to keep this as a second bike. :)

    Best of luck for the sale.

    PayPal details - yeah, right??
  6. Two new photos from this afternoon, I touched up the paintwork on the engine.


  7. Wow! She is a peach!

    Good luck with the sale mate - if I had a big enough garage and the spare cash - woah boy!

    Congrats on the custom project (y) Big props man
  8. Thanks,

    If only I had a big enough garage I would keep her, and if I had the spare cash I could keep her and do up my other two bikes!

    If she doesn't meet the reserve on ebay and sell this time around, I will rest the advertisement for a couple of weeks and then re-list.
  9. Update - got to fly to the UK to deal with an urgent family matter, won't be back until 13th Feb. so bike sale will be on hold until I get back, unless it sells on eBay whilst I am gone!
  10. Hope everything is okay.

    Hey! If you need someone to turn it over every now and again I could oblige :D
  11. Hey - do you know how many offers I have had???

  12. #12 Dougz, Jan 25, 2012
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    I hate you maduncle.

    Where were you 4 months ago? :(

    Swap for a zx9? Haha ;)
  13. #13 maduncle, Jan 25, 2012
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    You need both...
  14. #14 Dougz, Jan 29, 2012
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    I wish.
  15. SOLD!

    Second time around on that notorious online auction site that sucks our bank accounts dry.
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