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cb600 no longer sold in Austrailia, why!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by OscarA, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. I haven't even got off my L's and already I'm thinking about what I'll upgrade to. I've decided it'll be a 600 naked and top of the list is the Honda Cb600.
    Most of what I've read is positive and the bike is stunning to look at.
    SO it's of to Peter Stevens in the City to see one in the flesh.
    I Spent 5 minutes looking at the cb400 and all the other bikes there but no 600. I ask one of the guys for a price and I'm told they have sold them all and wont be getting any more in as Honda are no longer selling them in Australia :furious:
    I couldn't believe it, I thought the CB600 was a top seller and the sales guys confirms that it was very popular but apparently Honda does this from time to time. He did tell me that perhaps they have something else coming to replace it but as far as he knows for the time being the CB600 is no longer available in Australia.
    Has anybody else heard this and if it's true WHY!!!!!!!!

  2. I think that Honda might be refreshing the CB600, like they did with the VTR250 last year. It wasn't sold for a year (while they cleared out all the old stock) and then t reappeared with new specs the year following.

    That is my understanding anyway.
  3. Thanks for the reply Zenali

    Hope you're right, I found it very strange that they would drop it considering it was so popular here.
    I've very keen on the XJ6N as well so that's another option.
  4. Hey Oscar, I'm assuming you're talking about the CB600f hornet. I was looking at them earlier this year, Honda were running out 08 models and dealer mentioned no more were coming here, no 09 models ever made it here which had adjustable forks. I reckon the XJ6N is more fun anyway, feels quicker, more nimble and cheaper, all it needs is some aftermarket pipes.
  5. The XJ6N is a sweet looking bike too!

    Or there is always the Street Triple (which is the way I went).
  6. The XJ looks good, but isn't exactly light.

    The CB600 had it's arse kicked by the Street Triple, no doubt.

    By all reports the little Hornet is a good bike, but needs to revved like buggery to get things happening.

    The Tokyo Show kicks off the big international show season next week, so we might hear pretty soon what's in it's place, like a VTR750 (well we can dream).
  7. Yes it's the Hornet I'm talking about it's a shame we didn't get the 09 model.
    I did notice the XJN6 was cheaper but wasn't sure how it matched up against the Hornet.
    Not many decent (if any) comparison reviews out there that I've seen.

    The Street Triple is a stunning looking bike and every review I've read has it as the bike to get so it'll definitely get a look as well.
    I haven't seen or heard the Triple in the flesh but I would imagine it's loud which would be a problem on those early morning starts (4-7am) I have.
  8. It meets the same noise requirements as other bikes. Sounds great in the seat with the stock pipes though, thanks to the induction noise from the front intake which neatly uses a stereo effect to put a nice sound thet's perceived right where you sit in the middle.

    It also punches way harder than the Hornet and the other 600 nakeds.
  9. Just been looking at bikesales and those Street Triples hold their value well don't they.
    Nice looking bike that's for sure.
  10. ..... many people, lots of Netriders included, lobbied Honda hard to bring the Hornet here, and there was great rejoicing when they did......

    I haven't see ONE on the road, however, so I'm not surprised they dropped it; it seems their decision to drop the earlier 600 Hornet for exactly the same reasons were completely justified.
  11. That's a shame, well at least I have the option of a second hand 2008 Hornet if I decide I must have it.
  12. I'm a Hornet nut, as you can guess, and I sat on the 600 last year at Western Motorcycles in Penrith, and thought it was great. I then walked a few metres and sat on the CBF-1000 (for about the same price) and found lower seat height, half-fairing, 400cc more, for around the same street price. I'm sure the insurance would have been higher but I'm guessing many people found it too expensive for too little advantage over other bikes of similar capacity, or even higher.
  13. Add the fact that over the last couple or more years (until fairly recently) the ride-away deals on the 900 Hornet made it a better deal than the 600.
  14. Everything worth owning, and many things that don't, hold their value far better than they should. Joys of a small market.
  15. I agree that's why the RRP dropped to $9999 + ORC but obviously this was to cheap for Honda to continue selling it down here. It's a shame as it was a stunning looking bike that reviewed well.

    True but some of the prices people want for their second hand 3 year old bikes are ridiculous.
    I've seen 2 year old bikes advertised for almost the same price as current new models.
    I plan to start looking from May next year so I wont be in a rush as I'll still be on my P's and when I see something I like at the right price I'll be ready.
    I wont be able to test ride any ;) but I'll be looking at the
    2008 Triumph 675 Speed triple,
    2008 Honda 600cb Hornet
    2008-09 Yamaha XJ6N and possibly the Kawasaki ER6N 2005-2009
  16. That suprises me, because I've seen quite a few around Sydney including a number of them doing the courier duty so I was under the impression it was selling well enough... I hope this is just a temporary break, perhaps to catch up with the updated model Europe might get next year?
  17. I live in Wollongong, which is a much smaller area than Sydney, but I DO ride through Sydney on a regular basis, and in any year thousands of Sydney riders come down here to enjoy our Macquarie Pass and other fine riding roads, and it's against that background that I said I havene't seen ONE on the road.

    I think the problem for any manufacturer is that if they are going to sell a bike here, they also need volume sales to justify the investment in staff training, spares inventory, etc, and, as someone has already remarked, this is a pitifully small market.....

    I believe there IS a market for a 600 naked-style bike here in OZ, but the pricing of bigger models makes it very hard for such a bike to have a niche where it is both good value and a credible stand-alone option.

  18. Well i just spoke to mr honda and was told they will no longer make this hornet 600 as it is made for old men,and there is no future growth in this market:p

  19. That's what I'm referring to. There's very little depreciation on desirable bikes because people consistently pay stupid amounts of money for them.

    It makes me want to cut my face off that I could get TWO CBR600F4is in the US for what I'll end up paying for ONE here.