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CB600 Hornet

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by paddo_hornet, May 16, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've been looking around for a little while for a mid-size bike (z750, SV650, etc) and have come across a couple of CB600's for sale. They are 2001 models with only about 10-20k on the clock. Can anyone give me a quick opinion on this bike, and anything to look out for?

    thanks in advance
  2. Wonderful little mid sized bike, with enough go to scare the crap out of you.
    Just be mindful that the 24k km service is around $1000.
    It has the near on bulletproof CBR600 engine.
    Check it hasn't spent most of it's life on the back wheel.
    Very good value IMHO.

    Daz. :wink:
  3. Two thumbs up, I've got the CB9 and while I enjoy the extra grunt, I still reckon the CB6 is more fun as a hooligan bike.

    Loads and loads of fun, with excellent reliability. Plonk some oggys on and they crash very cheaply too.

    HART use a bunch of sorely abused Hornet6s as their training fleet, if you want a lovely long test ride on one why not sign up for an intermediate course and spend the day on one?
  4. thanks for the quick replies. Whats the easiest way to tell if a bike has "spent most of it's life on the back wheel"
  5. things that wear more from wheelies include:
    - front fork seals
    - head stem bearings
    - rear brake disc and pads
    - chain (more stretched)
    - big end bearings... if oil hasn't been looked after
  6. Last friday I spent a day on the Hornet 600 whilst doing the Hart intermediate course.. Its very stable and easy to control but I dont like the lack of low down power. You need to have the rpm's up all the time and then things start to happen.

    I recon sv650 is a better choice.. Lighter (15kgs0, power down low where you need it and the vtwin engine sounds heaps better..

    SV has character, CB600 is dull IMO.. If you like the CB600 check out its bigger brother.. I found the power delivery on the cb900 much better.

  7. The issues you have mentioned have nothing to do with the Hornet 600 itself, just the engine configuration......
    Coming from a 1000cc twin, any 600cc 4 cylinder will have nothing down low. It's above 7000 rpm where all the fun is to be had! :cool:
    SV650 is nice, but IMHO you will grow out of the power quicker than the Hornet.
  8. Agreed.. It depends what you are after in the bike.. For most uses the SV would be better on a day to day basics as its easy to tap into the power.. Sure the Hornet ends up making more power at the top end of the range but how often would you get up there?

    If you could stick a vtwin engine into the Hornet I would buy one ASAP.. SV look OK but its the engine which attrachs me to them not the styling..

  9. I had a Hornet 600 for 2 years and loved it. it did everything beautifully and i reckon theyre good value for money. having said that i like to nick an SV for a burl whenever I can.
  10. AMEN!!
  11. if you were keen on a v-twin and depending on your budget... a honda firestorm is also very good value for money. eg 7-8k for a nice one.

    friends don't let friends ride suzukis. haha
  12. I don't really get the V-twin thing that twin pilots seem to enjoy so much.

    They might be easier to get off the line, but where's the "WOOHOO!" when you want it?
  13. Hornets rule, what did you expect me to say?

    Mine's got 75,000 kms on it, tight as a drum, nothing's broken, vibrated loose or fallen off and it's more fun that a wet-suit full of weasels.....
  14. The WOOHOO comes first, then you get an AH MAN! where with a 4 pot screamer the AH MAN comes first followed by the WOOHOO!
  15. Man, that's a lotta fun! :shock:
    Reminds me of a girl I knew who kept ferrets........

    Regards, Andrew.
  16. One of those classic bits you pick up along the way; in that case from the Lucas Arts PC Game, "Day of the Tentacle"

    {Loved that game.....}
  17. Nyeah, my experience with twins has generally been WOO...Awwww?!?

    Uh, in AND out of the bedroom.
  18. Ducatis seemed to do okay in Superbikes for a while - they got/get around PI pretty well...
  19. Yeah...must say I am leaning towards the 4's. Guess I'm gonna have to throw my leg over the hornet this weekend and see how it goes :)