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cb600 hornet issues

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kyan, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. I am looking to buy a particular cb600 hornet on the sunshine coast this weekend. It is a 98 model with 14000km. I dont know much about bikes, and don't really know what to look for.

    Are there any issues with this particular model I should be checking out. any tips? I am worried due to my lack of knowledge i could end up with a lemon.

  2. Paging Hornet!
  3. If we have a cruiser section, I think we have enough hornets here to have our own section :LOL:

    Not enough birds to warrant such a club :p

    The hornet 6 are good honest bikes that will put up with a lot of misuse.

    Just look for normal wear items and maintenence log boks etc. and PM our resident hornet president "edgelet"

  4. There's only so much can go wrong with a bike at 14k... Check the chain and sprockets, brake pads, look for evidence of a crash (scratched bar-ends etc) and make sure the thing feels pretty tight all over.

    Ask the seller about its service history, who's done the work etc, maybe call the mechanic if you can. Ask him why it's done so few KM, and if it's been ridden much recently. You're hoping he says yes, he's done 10,000 of those ks this year. Bikes deteriorate when they're not ridden.
  5. ok thanks for the tips. what if he says that he doesn't use it much and only rides it every now and then and it only has 14k on it as he only rides every few weeks or something? that ok?
  6. Every few weeks is fine. But 'Its been sitting in the shed for ages' is not something you want to hear.
  7. this is what the owner has just told me when i asked why the km are only 14500k when it is nearly 10 years old.

    "It had a little over 10,000 kms on it when I bought it in late 2004 and I only used it for the first 18 months or so and hardy ever since."

    he has a roadworthy certificate for the bike. how much peace of mind should this give me?

    your thoughts? how long does a bike have to sit before it becomes an issue?
  8. The RWC doesn’t really give you any assurance that the bike is in good mechanical condition, I wouldn’t be relying on it as confirmation that the bike is in good shape,

    There is another thread about that covers that topic, I will try and find it

    It sounds like the bike has been sitting with little use for about 18 months, you will want to clarify with the seller what exact use it has had in those 18 months? Again you would be hoping for occasional regular rides,

    My advice would be to get someone knowledgeable to check it out, mechanics will do this if you don’t know of anyone suitable,

    If it is all good, you will score yourself a nice bike, there wouldn’t be many Hornets around with km so low
  9. 14,000 kays?? Buy it!!!

    Mine just turned over 108,000 and it's a top bike still.
  10. yeah only 14000km... the owner bought into a q-ride motorbike school here in qld as a silent partner in 2004 and that is when he bought the bike. he said it had 10000 when he got it and he added most of the other 4000 in the first 18 months. in the past 2 years the bike has only been ridden half a dozen times.

    i believe the 14000km is legit. but it has hardly had hardly been ridden for 2 years. just how concerned should i be about this? what goes wrong with bikes that have been sitting?

    it has just been serviced, battery replaced and roadworthy. what things can be missed in this process?
  11. one thing i can think of is that the tank can rust (inside) ..
  12. Old engine oil can be bad news. Lets hope its been sitting with fresh oil.
    Fork seals can leak and rubbers can go hard so check them all.