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CB550 exhaust rust

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by dbelli, Dec 9, 2014.

  1. Hi guys and girls!
    I purchased a 1974 Cb550F a week or so ago and am loving it.
    She goes like no other after the guys down at the shop were tweaking the carbs again for me and she's unbelievable compared to my little CD250U I have.

    Just one issue though. It seems where baffles are welded to the exhaust there is some pretty heavy rusting through.
    Despite me believing she sounds fantastic, it does sound a little hollow and tinny when I'm pushing her and I'm thinking its due to these gaping holes!

    I was pretty shocked to see how severe one of the holes was, and am crying because I love the shape the rest of the exhaust is in bar these little sections, for its age.

    It would be a damn shame to have to chuck a set of new pipes on the bike when I'm wanting to preserve its originality as best as I can.
    So, my questions are, does anyone know any good welders in MELBOURNE that could potentially patch/fix the holes and would the cost be too great of an expense for the pipes overall, and secondly in anyones opinion are the holes affecting the performance of the bike at all?

    As I said it would be an absolute shame to turf these beauties, I wouldn't let myself!
    Thanks all for your views and opinions!

    Shot of the exhaust from a distance (two exhausts closest to the camera are the main damaged one, and one on the other side also)

    Underside of two exhausts closest to camera, One of them the severely rusted one

    Close up of severely rusted pipe underside

    Close up of severely rusted pipes top side

    Another close up of severely rusted pipe

    Close up of the underside exhaust rust NEXT to the severely rusted exhaust

    Close up underside of the OPPOSITE side rusted pipe

  2. That's a cracking looking bike mate. I can't offer any advice other than don't bin those pipes whatever you do. Maybe source an aftermarket in the time being to keep you ticking over and get these sorted?
  3. Thanks mate!
    I'll chuck a pic of her up hopefully it'll do some justice =D
    Yeah I want to do everything as cost effective as possible as I can to preserve and conserve them, just love the stock pipes!

    She still runs beautifully with them so I might keep them on and try and find a fix asap instead of using money id spend buying old pipes into the mending!